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Jogja Escape; Depok Beach, which is charming and exotic

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Pantai depok Jogja

Knowing Indonesia is not from the people or the government, but from the sea, at least that is what I know. This country is given an extraordinary water wealth. Moreover, the underwater country where almost everyone recognizes its beauty is so extraordinary.

In fact, it is not only the underwater lands that are amazing. The coast is equally interesting. Combined with a culture and community customs. This beach grows and develops into a unique tourist area.

Maybe, only here, tourists can all have breakfast on the beach.

Source: Rizki Pradhana (Coll.)

Yes, Depok Beach Yogyakarta, presents a new charm. Where, in the morning when the sun still seems shy to show its rays. However, Depok Beach is already busy with traders holding their wares. It is like a busy and regular tiban market.

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The attraction of Depok Beach

Some visitors come early in the morning to avoid the hot sun. The cool morning air makes everyone want to come to the beach and enjoy the typical dishes of the archipelago. If here, it is called market snacks. In the form of a typical snack that has various tastes.

Not only market snacks, but also porridge and rice that are offered by the traders. Uniquely the visitors who come in droves to queue until this place turns into a fairly busy market. For those who have never been here, or haven’t been here for a long time, they will definitely think that this place is not a beach but a market.

Not only selling food, there are also kitchen ingredients such as shallots, garlic, which are sold at prices that are not much different from those in the market. Apart from cooking ingredients, there are also fresh fish and ornamental fish that will attract tourists who come here to buy them.

The fishing boats that are leaning can be used as a place to sit and enjoy the thundering waves of the beach. It really feels like this world belongs to itself. No one will be able to tell you what it feels like. Because, it is very difficult to say.

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Depok Beach Beach
Source: @gembos_h

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Tired of being on the boat, all tourists can rent tents and also mats to get closer to the sea water which is sometimes very fierce throwing the bodies of other tourists who are playing water. They immerse themselves in a joy that will never be repeated.

On Depok Beach, there is a modern vehicle in the form of a photo spot in the shape of a heart. Or other photo spots with attractive flower decorations to immortalize them in a photo. Because photos are silent witnesses that will be told tomorrow to their future children and grandchildren.

Depok Beach Gumuk Pasir Spot Photos
Source: @nyonyokecil

Tired of just sitting waiting without clarity. All Traveler friends can take advantage of other playgrounds. Namely a motor cross which is rented at a price of only 25 thousand. The price is cheap enough to get around Depok Beach by using this motorbike.

Don’t be afraid to run out because, many have provided motorbike services like on this beach. The price is also the same as 25 thousand rupiah. Pump up the adrenaline of all Traveler friends with this ride. Guaranteed to be fun and make you addicted or even reluctant to stop and get off.

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Going to the beach is not the right feeling to capture it by taking some photos. If your Traveler Friend doesn’t bring a photo, take it easy. Because, in this place there is a photo service that can capture the moments of all Traveler friends. The photo price is quite cheap, only paying 10 thousand.

On Depok Beach there is a fish market which is a pity to miss. This market is arguably the largest among the fish markets in Yogya. Various kinds of fish are available in this place, starting from pomfret, grouper, catfish, and even sharks, which are also available here at quite expensive prices.

Depok Beach Fish Market
Source: https://sewamotordijogja.com

For traveler friends who don’t want to be preoccupied with cooking this fish, you can ask for help to cook it as well. Because, usually the owner of this shop is also a fish trader in this fish market. How easy is it? No need to bother with cooking the fish, the price is quite friendly.

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Depok Beach Lagoon

Want to go home? Wait a minute, don’t go home first because, there is still one more ride that must be visited on this beach. The location is not far from Depok Beach, approximately 500 meters from this Fish Market.

That place is Laguna Depok which has a charm that is no less beautiful than its beaches. There are many trees standing around this lagoon. The water condition is quite calm. There are several fishing boats that also lean on this lagoon.

Depok Laguna Beach 1
Source: @ipehiffa

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What’s interesting here? All Traveler friends can enjoy this lagoon by boarding a fishing boat which is deliberately prepared for all tourists. All tourists will be invited to tour the lagoon by using this ship.

I admit, riding this fishing boat does have a different taste. I don’t know what words are right to explain how it feels. Perhaps, amazing is the most appropriate word among all the words that can be said.

Don’t miss the sunset view from this lagoon. Indeed, the sun’s hue that turned orange formed a beauty that could not be described by anything. This hue also combines with the changing color of the sky, presenting an extraordinarily beautiful natural charm.

Depok Laguna Beach 2
Source: @ wendhiz_7

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Routes, Locations, and Entrance Ticket Prices

Depok Beach is located in the Kretek sub-district, Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta Province. getting to this beach is actually very easy. Because, its location adjacent to Parangtritis Beach makes Depok beach have a travel route that is almost the same as Parangtritis.

It’s just that, before entering the Parangtritis beach retribution gate, direct all tourist vehicles to the right. Follow the road and all tourists will arrive at Depok Beach. If you want to go to the song, all Traveler Friends can pass the fish market and turn right. Unfortunately, the condition of this road is damaged.

However, if tourists want good road conditions. Friends of travelers can turn around from the gate of Depok Beach, about 400 meters, turn left. Then, go straight for 400 meters, and the tourists all arrive at Laguna Depok.

For the price of admission tickets, on weekdays a rate of 7,500 is charged for holidays, weekends, or any event subject to a rate of 10 thousand rupiah. However, in the morning, 6 – 7 am is free. Because, the retribution officer is not here yet.

Depok beach videos

Depok Beach is a tourist spot where there is a cultural phenomenon of the people around the beach. Take advantage of the beautiful and cool morning by laying out their merchandise on the beachside. This phenomenon is well captured by all tourists and uses it as a new tourist destination.

How, curious about Depok beach? This beach is suitable as an alternative destination for tourist attractions in Jogja. Don’t forget to take the time for all Traveler Friends to visit this place when visiting Yogyakarta.

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Have a good vacation!

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