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Jalan Malioboro, a place full of memories in Jogjakarta

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Malioboro Feature

Indonesian tourism is growing and developing very rapidly every day. In fact, almost every day there are many new tourist attractions that take advantage of the existing nature and ecosystems.

Not only new ones, but also old ones also grow developing into a very attractive tourist area.

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Just say it. Malioboro, which has now changed its appearance to be more friendly to tourists. With this new appearance, Malioboro looks like a contemporary tourist area that does not only revolve around a tradition but has developed to meet the demands of the times.

Without the slightest change, Malioboro remains the Primadona area for all tourists. Moreover, its status has become an icon of tourist attractions in Jogja. There is a term that says if you haven’t been to Yogyakarta if you haven’t been to Malioboro.

This term is proof of how strong Malioboro has a magical power.

Brief History of Malioboro

First Jogja Monument
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Some say that a great nation is a nation that values ​​history. Therefore, let’s look back a little about how Malioboro is. So, it can become a legendary area that is able to bring in many visitors from time to time and from time to time.

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The Malioboro area is a tourist area close to the Yogyakarta palace. Many people already know that the Yogyakarta palace until now still has magical powers that are trusted by all Yogyakarta people. Thus, Malioboro is often associated with three sacred places, namely, the Yogyakarta Palace, the South Coast and also Mount Merapi.

The name Malioboro is taken from the Sanskrit language which means flower garland. The name Malioboro is also inspired by the name of a British colonial who lived in Yogyakarta from 1811 to 1816 named Marlborough.

After the Dutch colonial rule, Malioboro began to be known by everyone. Moreover, after the construction of the Vredenburg fort and also the Yogyakarta Tugu station. this area turned into a trading area between Dutch traders and Tiong Hoa traders.

The Dutch colonial started building Malioboro with the establishment of buildings such as a post office, Dutch Club and also the Dutch Government. With the presence of this building, the Malioboro area is getting busier and many people visit. So, do not be surprised if, until now, the Malioboro area still survives as a trading area.

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Nowadays Malioboro area

Let’s turn to the present, 2018. Where times have advanced and the tourism sector has become a mainstay and superior. Including the Malioboro area which has changed a lot. It seems, this place has a new spirit.

Like being reborn as a different person but still having the same soul.

Malioboro Now
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The entrance to Malioboro is in the Abu Bakar Ali Parking Area. The parking area for motorized vehicles is made with 4 floors. Not only motorbikes, but buses and cars too. This parking area is the first differentiator of Malioboro. Where, all vehicles are prohibited from parking around Malioboro Street.

In this parking area too, teenagers use it for photo hunting. It should be acknowledged that this area may have an ordinary impression. However, after all Traveler Friends bring a camera. There will be interesting spots that can be taken and made into an attractive landscape.

In fact, there are some Jogja Friends who are able to turn this place into a different place in the photo. Like not a parking area. However, tourist areas abroad such as Korea or Japan. Here too, Traveler Friends can enjoy the beauty of the beautiful Sunset with the cultural heritage corner of Yogyakarta Station and its rails and trains.

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There is also a strong Mount Merapi standing under which there are houses that will remind all Traveler Friends of our ancient paintings. It’s just that, enjoy this mountain if you’re lucky. Because the fog often covers the gallantry of Mount.

Walk out of the Abu Bakar Ali Parking Area. All Traveler Friends will be presented with a pedestrian area with the provision of instagramable seating. These seats and this pedestrian area were built to meet the needs of the community for Malioboro Street.

With the construction of pedestrian and pedestrian areas. Malioboro turns into a clean and pleasant place to look at. It is different from the old days which were crowded and dirty with parked motor vehicles.

Malioboro Pedestrian
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Becak and Delman are still lined up in this area. They seem reluctant to go and become a new tourist vehicle for all Traveler Friends who want to experience what it’s like to ride a Delman, go around Malioboro or want to be escorted to the Palace.

In addition to the wagon and rickshaw, there are still street vendors who sell beautiful souvenirs typical of Jogja.

This side is still the same as before, a little overcrowded and crowded. Therefore, currently a pedestrian area is also being built.

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Moving on to the north, there is the Beringharjo market and mirota batik which are targeted by people outside Jogja to buy souvenirs. These two places are never empty of visitors, especially when the holiday season arrives. How crowded, these two places.

Walking about 500 meters is the Zero Kilometer point area which is very fantastic. Especially when night falls. This area will look even more charming with the lights and activities of the people of Jogja. You could say Malioboro is a new, cheap hangout place because it is free of charge.

Tugu Jogja
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In this place also stands a fort which still stands tall and becomes a landscape. This fort is also a witness to how the development of the Malioboro area from time to time. This fort is like an Old Town area in Jakarta which offers an interesting historical story to be listened to

Moving a little to the east is the Yogyakarta Smart Park which will give all of its knowledge to tourists. This smart park is a complement to the Malioboro area which is not only contemporary, historical, fashion but also interestingly packaged science.

There is another cultural park which is usually used for arts and cultural activities in Yogyakarta. Every event will definitely be held in this place like the miss market which just ended a few days ago.

Is it finished? Wait a minute, Malioboro still keeps its beauty at night. All tourists will be presented with street music that is fun, fun and enjoyable. This street musician seems to be a complement to the legendary area of ​​Malioboro to close the day.

Malioboro Street video

Malioboro is not only used as a shopping center. Rather, it is also used as a center for arts and culture. Various kinds of cultural and artistic ceremonies are often performed along this memory lane. The road that witnesses how Malioboro used to be with Malioboro now.

Malioboro is a form of tradition and culture and history that witnesses how the struggles of ancient independence heroes fought. As a witness, the birth of a new tourism order, friendly, unpretentious and safe for all groups. Come here, and feel the new magical power that emerges from a street called Malioboro.

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