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Right, PPKM Micro Based on Banjar in Bali – Bali Travel News

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The Tabanan Regency Government (Pemkab), represented by the Regional Secretary I Gede Susila, received a visit from the National Covid-19 / BNPB Task Force Expert Team in the meeting room on the third floor of the Tabanan Regent’s Office, Saturday (8/5). Also attending at that time, representatives of the Forkompinda Tabanan ranks, Deputy Chairperson of the Tabanan Regency DPRD, assistants and related Regional Apparatus Organizations (OPD) in the Tabanan Regency Government who are members of the Tabanan Regency Covid-19 Task Force.

The Expert Team, represented by I Nyoman Gede Agus Asrama, said that his party visited Tabanan Regency in order to assist in strengthening or establishing a Posko, identifying the existing situation and available resources and conducting discussions to find out the obstacles faced at the Regency level Task Force post. /City. “This is a coincidence, I was assigned to Bali because I am a Balinese in the Expert Team who is considered to know more about Balinese culture, so that a cultural approach in the context of changing people’s behavior is more appropriate for me to be demoted,” he said.

He felt very happy, even though on Saturday, the Tabanan Regency Government was still enthusiastic about accepting his party. The talks at that time were related to the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, especially the strengthening of the Enforcement of Community Creativity Restrictions (PPKM & Micro in Tabanan Regency. ” “The ultimate move. Because this virus can only be controlled by the person himself, because the one who carries the virus is a person,” he said.

Therefore, gus Asrama emphasized that handling at the smallest level through PPKM Micro is the most appropriate thing at this time. Like Bali, Tabanan is no exception to carry out PPKM Micro based on Banjar Dinas or Banjar Adat.

Regional Secretary I Gede Susila said that the implementation of PPKM Micro in the Regency has been optimized through various efforts, namely from the readiness of the Task Force, the Health Team and outreach to the community and regularly conducting evaluation meetings, to accelerating the implementation of vaccinations to the community. “Our Task Force coordination meetings are routine sir, if I’m not mistaken we just met yesterday and chaired the Regent directly. All of this is certainly in the context of controlling this Covid, “he said.

In addition, his party also conducts internal and external audits by the examining body, namely the Tabanan Inspectorate. In their work, the Tabanan Regency Task Force Team has complied with existing regulations, both from Central, Provincial and Regency Government circular letters which have been translated in a Regent circular letter. “We have done this as a basis for our steps in dealing with Covid in Tabanan Regency. We wish to accelerate the control of this pandemic, “he added.

After conducting various discussions in order to optimize the handling of the pandemic, Secretary I Gede Susila and his staff invited the team to several villages, namely Delod Peken Tabanan Village and Banjar Anyar Village, Kediri, to review the implementation of PPKM Micro. (BTN / bud)

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