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Covid-19 Vaccines for Persons with Disabilities – Bali Travel News

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The two top leaders of the Denpasar City Government (Pemkot), namely the Mayor of IGN Jaya Negara and Deputy Mayor, I Kadek Agus Arya Wibawa, continue to monitor the implementation of vaccinations to ensure the vaccination process for disabilities in Denpasar City runs smoothly. On Sunday (9/5), the Mayor of Jaya Negara observed the implementation of vaccination for persons with disabilities at the Bisabitas House on Jalan Kamboja, Denpasar. The day before, the Deputy Mayor, Arya Wibawa, reviewed the readiness and smoothness of vaccination for Schizophrenic disabilities at Rumah Berdaya, Sesetan, South Denpasar.

The Mayor of Jaya Negara had the opportunity to chat with a blind disability to ask about their health condition and readiness to receive vaccinations. “We would like to thank the vaccinator team for providing support and services to friends with disabilities today at the Bisability House in receiving vaccinations,” he said.

Vaccination for disabilities is expected to provide equal opportunities and services for people with disabilities. “Until now, the implementation of Covid-19 vaccination in Denpasar City continues to be optimized. To support the optimization of vaccination for disabilities, the Denpasar City Government has also implemented pick-up vaccination targeting certain points. For example, Rumah Berdaya and Rumah Bisabilitas which can be locations for mass vaccination, ”he said.

Mayor Jaya Negara really understands the conditions of persons with disabilities, so that through this mass vaccination it can support the acceleration of vaccination for disabilities in Denpasar City, and the vaccination targets can be met.

Head of Health Office, dr. Luh Putu Sri Armini said that his party has prepared 400 doses of vaccine for disabilities, if this happens we will fulfill the shortage. “We have prepared, if there is a deficiency, we will increase it because the cold chain of this vaccine must be maintained,” said Sri Armini.

It was also conveyed that if there are persons with disabilities scattered who have not been vaccinated, it can be carried out in the banjar area where they live and also in the puskesmas. “Now vaccination for the green zone buffer zone has been carried out in the Kesiman area and in the West Denpasar District,” he said.

While the Head of Social Affairs, I Made Mertajaya conveyed the vaccination target for disabilities for Schizophrenia as many as 85 people and implementation at the Bisability House totaling 380 people from deaf (deaf), deaf and blind. “Those currently registered include Deaf Deaf (Deaf), Deaf, and Blind, vaccinations are carried out at Bisability Homes, which are not covered, coordination with the Health Office will be carried out in the nearest location and later all can be served,” he said, while conveyed that his family can accompany these persons with disabilities to ensure the smoothness of vaccination services. (BTN / bud)

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