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Badung Convince Society. Any Brand Covid-19 Vaccine Functions the Same – Bali Travel News

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In order to expand the coverage of the green zone in the Badung Regency area, the Deputy Regent of Badung I Ketut Suiasa has been tireless to invite the public to succeed in implementing the Covid-19 vaccination. Even though it was a holiday atmosphere, Vice Regent Suiasa directly led the coordination meeting with 23 Heads of the Environment in Kerobokan Kaja Village at the Kerobokan Kaja Urban Village Office, Sunday (9/5).

In the meeting, the Deputy Head of Suiasa was accompanied by the Head of Health Office, dr. I Nyoman Gunarta and Head of North Kuta District I Putu Eka Permana firmly invite the community through the head of the environment in Kerobokan Kaja Village to play an active role in supporting the successful implementation of vaccination for people in their respective areas. “In the context of the implementation of vaccination we prioritize fast and accurate motion. We don’t want to waste time because in terms of vaccines we keep the expiration period. Even though our vaccinator power is very poor, we shouldn’t pause, the engine should no longer be cooled down. It’s like a diesel gets hotter, the faster it gets, “said Suiasa.

Suiasa believes that the faster the vaccination will lead to a conducive and safe condition in the community so that the spread of Covid-19 can be kept to a minimum. “As much as possible, we can quickly establish Badung green zones in 3 sub-districts that are the basis of tourism, namely North Kuta, Kuta and South Kuta Districts. For information, Badung and Badung have succeeded in implementing vaccination in the green zone set by the central government, covering Nusa Dua Benoa, Tanjung Benoa, Jimbaran and Tuban, “he said.

In the medium term, his party will accelerate the implementation of vaccination in the green zone buffer areas of South Kuta including Pecatu, Kutuh, Ungasan and for Kuta District consisting of Kuta, Legian, Seminyak and Kedonganan. “This region has been completed for dose 1 and will enter into dose 2 in the near future. Furthermore, it will be expanded to North Kuta and kick off starting from Dalung and Tibubeneng. And today we have started in Canggu too. “We use the ocean wave strategy. We are not waiting for the first wave to break, then we will create a new wave, so we have only made a new wave in half, ”he said.

There are 3 types of vaccines used in Badung Regency, namely Biofarma, Sinovac and AstraZeneca as rationed by the central government. For this reason, he assured the public that any brand of vaccine has the same function, which distinguishes only the effect according to the condition of each body. “In fact, the vaccine must have an effect on the recipient’s body, which indicates that our body makes adjustments to the new virus that enters the body. What is clear is that there is no problem and it is going well. So don’t let the public be influenced by one type of vaccine brand, “he added.

Head of Kerobokan Kaja Urban Village I Ketut Santika stated that he is ready to support the vaccination activities that will be carried out in his area on 11 and 12 May. “The point is that in Kerobokan Kaja, the community is ready to be vaccinated on May 11 and 12 by taking locations in SD 1 Kerobokan Kaja, SD 2 Kerobokan Kaja and GOR Purna Krida. “Based on the data we hold, there are approximately 10 thousand people of Kerobokan Kaja who are ready to be vaccinated,” he explained. (BTN / bud)

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