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Tembi Tourism Village, Educational Tourism Village in Yogyakarta Special Region

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Tembi Tourism Village is one of the tourist villages that has successfully organized its area, so that it becomes an area worth visiting.

The natural, historical and cultural potential of Tembi Tourism Village are indeed very fitting to be a tourist village. Moreover, the distance of Tembi Tourism Village is not far from the center of Jogja city.

Broadly speaking, Tembi Tourism Village is famous for:

  • Tembi Tourism Village Outbound
  • Tembi Tourism Village Lodging

In fact, the charm of the beauty of Tembi Tourism Village is not only limited to these two things. And here is complete information about Tembi Tourism Village, as an initial reference for determining tourist locations during the holidays.

Tembi tourist village. google maps. source: Desa Wisata Tembi-Homestay Tembi-Wisata Outbound

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Location and Address of Tembi Tourism Village

Tembi Tourism Village is located in one direction towards Parangtritis. The address of Tembi Tourism Village is Tembi Village, Sewon District, Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region.

Route to Tembi Tourism Village

The route to Tembi Tourism Village from downtown Jogja is not difficult. The distance from Malioboro to Tembi Tourism Village is about 10 kilometers, and takes about 20 minutes.

The access road to Tembi Tourism Village can be passed by motorbikes and cars to the parking area. Although the road is not too big, it can be traversed by car, passing through the home stay of Tembi Tourism Village.

Tembi Tourism Village Opening Hours

The operational hours of Tembi Tourism Village, Bantul, Jogja are open 24 hours

facilities at the inn
facilities at the inn. google maps. source: Rubby Missilia

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Ticket prices for Tembi Tourism Village

The entrance fee for Tembi Tourism Village ranges from Rp. 20,000 – Rp. 50,000 per person.

Facilities in Tembi Tourism Village

The facilities at Tembi Tourism Village as a popular Jogja tour, of course, are very complete. As:

  • Parking area
  • Variety of rides
  • Gazebo
  • Places to eat
  • Prayer room

Lodging in Tembi Tourism Village

stay with a rural atmosphere
stay with a rural atmosphere. google maps. source: Desa Wisata Tombi-Homestay Tembi-Wisata Outbound

There are a lot of lodging in Tembi Tourism Village. From the first time they enter the area, visitors will continue to pass through the home stay of Tembi Tourism Village.

Of course, the prices vary widely. The average price offered ranges from Rp. 300,000 to Rp. 400,000. lodging facilities are also complete, and comfortable.

The attraction of Tembi Tourism Village

1. Outbound

The first attraction of Tembi Tourism Village is the variety of outbound rides that blend with the surrounding environment, without leaving local wisdom, even offering the sensation of ancient games.

These outbound rides are very suitable to be used as a family tourist destination, or office vacation events, or school events.

These are the types of outbound rides at Tembi Tourism Village that visitors who come to try:

  • Plowing
  • Catch ducks in the mud
  • Tug of war in the muddy fields
  • Catch eels
  • Clogs

As well as many other kinds of rides, which remind the excitement of those born in the 70s – 80s. For small children who usually live in big cities, a visit to Tembi Tourism Village is highly recommended.

the nature of Tembi village
the nature of Tembi village. google maps. source: Jogja tours 21

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2. Cultural Tourism

As stated at the beginning of the discussion, the charm of Tembi Tourism Village is not only about the outbound, as well as the lodging.

At the location of Tembi Tourism Village, there is a location that offers education to visitors who come to know more about local culture. As :

  • Tembi Museum
  • Mask painting
  • Culinary hunting, or local culinary tours
  • Planting rice

3. Enchantment of the Surrounding Nature

The next attraction of Tembi Tourism Village is the natural charm of its surroundings, which gives a beautiful, calm nuance and blends with the coolness of the rural air.

Many corners are equipped with selfie spots, as well as gazebos. The outbound location is also in the student area which has been designated specifically for visitors.

This situation is of course more comfortable if you choose a day tour package to Tembi Tourism Village. This is another charm of the tourist city, Jogja.

still beautiful nature
still beautiful nature. google maps. source: Ayuningtyas Rachmasari

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The history of Tembi Tourism Village

The history of Tembi Tourism Village began in 2007. That year became the initial momentum for the village to organize itself into a tourist attraction in Jogja that is worth visiting.

But long before that, in 1645, Tembi Village was an escape from the king’s son, who avoided the conflict that occurred at that time.

In Tembi Village, they gain knowledge from someone named Kyai Tembini, and Nyai Tembini. It was from this figure that the king’s son finally received great knowledge, so that the figures of Kyai Tembini, and Nyai Tembini became sacred figures.

the atmosphere of the Tembi village inn
the atmosphere of the Tembi village inn. google maps. source: Phintani Ariestya

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Tembi Tourism Village is a complete tourist destination, where you and your family will create unforgettable memories and of course very exciting.

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