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The newly discovered giant Yoni is Magelang’s new icon

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The giant Yoni who was in Culengan Hamlet, Gondang Village, Mungkid District, Magelang Regency, Central Java, was successfully evacuated. Yoni, who weighs more than 5 tons, will become an icon for the Magelang Regency Education and Culture Office (Disdikbud).

Head of the Central Java Cultural Heritage Conservation Center (BPCB) Security Sub-Group, Harun Al Rosyid, said the yoni and lingga, which are often associated with fertility, who are in Culengan Hamlet, Gondang Village, said that the evacuation process of the giant yoni took four days. Namely, Thursday (1/4/2021) to Sunday (4/4).

The phallus is a description of a man because of its shape which is similar to the male genitalia. The phallus can also be interpreted as a symbol of male virility. Meanwhile, Yoni describes women because their shape is similar to female genitals. It is also interpreted as a symbol of female fertility.

“Yoni and the phallus in Culengan Hamlet have secured and rescued them and are now secured to be kept at the Magelang Regency Education and Culture Office,” said Harun when contacted, Tuesday (6/4/2021).

“On the first day we used a crane from the Public Works Office of Magelang, but it didn’t lift. Then, plus the second day we used a 5 ton pulley until the third day. After that, on the fourth day we used a pulley plus a 10 ton pulley belonging to BPCB. So, that’s (lifting). the cooperation between BPCB and Magelang regency government, “he added.

“It (weighs) more than 5 tons. Yoni is big,” said Harun.

The giant Yoni who is now at the Magelang Regency Education and Culture Office Photo: (Eko Susanto / Bali Tourism)

Harun said that the yoni had a number of features. Namely, diceratnya there are reliefs of nandi standing on the right and left, the size is very large, and the top of the phallus is an octagonal shape.

“To lift it, it is clear that there is a difficulty, the first is in a narrow location, then the second is that the contours of the soil are soft, loose, then the third, the yoni weighs more than 5 tons, so the number of times the pulley has broken several times,” said Harun.

When met separately, the Head of the Magelang Regency Disdikbud, Azis Amin Mujahidin, said that the appointment of the yoni required a struggle. The biggest Yoni will later become an icon in the Education and Culture Office.

“We have taken this from Gondang Village. It is full of struggle that the chain has broken several times because this is the biggest. Actually we want to take it in Central Java (BPCB), but we think that because this is the biggest we will secure it and we will, God willing, take care of it. As an icon of the Education Office and Culture, “he said.

“We have a lot of yoni that are still scattered. The hope is that they will soon be identified and maybe not only that, there are some reserves that we will bring here. We have lobbied, in the local government there are some not merely for decoration, but will become an icon of the Education and Culture Office, “he said.

For now, Yoni is beside the security post. Later, a fence and roof will be built.

“While there it is just not yet established because it is estimated that 4-5 tonnes is not as easy as we imagined (the placement). God willing, we will treat it but this is not finished. Later we will give it a roof and dividers to make it neat as well as add accessories to this building,” he said. .

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