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This is the list of healthiest cities in the world, Jakarta is ranked 17th

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The UK-based YouGov research institute released a list of the healthiest cities in the world. From that assessment, Jakarta was ranked 17th.

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed various aspects of life, including a healthier lifestyle for urban people. According to a YouGov study, nearly half of British people have a resolution of this pandemic.

They generally wanted to improve their fitness (47%), lose weight (44%), and improve their diet (41%). In other words, people have the hope of taking better care of themselves. They start signing up to the gym or eating a healthier diet.

But keep in mind that fitness and diet are not the only measures of health. The environment in which they live also supports a person’s health, including their lifestyle choices.

Based on these, YouGov’s team at Lenstore analyzed 44 cities around the world to reveal which cities are easier to live a healthy lifestyle overall.

The measurement involved 10 metrics of healthy living, from obesity to pollution levels. Each metric is scored and then combined to get a total score of 100. This score is used to rank 44 cities, which are the best for healthy living.

From there, the results show that Amsterdam is the healthiest city in the world. The capital of the Netherlands is known as a cyclist-friendly city. There people prefer to travel by bicycle, walk, or use public transportation.

Not surprisingly, the people there have healthy bodies. The obesity rate is only 20.4 percent.

Meanwhile, the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta, occupies the 17th position. The obesity rate in Jakarta is fairly low at 6.9 percent. Then the life expectancy is 68.5 years.

In Jakarta there are also 114 outdoor activities that people can do. In addition, there are 833 places that people can visit to do outdoor activities.

To pay for a gym membership, Jakarta is also cheaper than other cities such as Madrid or Seoul, which are ranked close to Jakarta. Every month, the average person has to spend IDR 514 thousand for a gym.

Unfortunately, the still bad point of Jakarta is the level of pollution. The pollution score in Jakarta is 84.39. The number is much higher than Madrid 52.68 and Seoul 57.82.

Here is a list of the 44 healthiest cities in the world:

1. Amsterdam

2. Sydney

3. Vienna

4. Stockholm

5. Copenhagen

6. Helsinki

7. Fukuoka

8. Berlin

9. Barcelona

10. Vancouver

11. Melbourne

12. Beijing

13. Bangkok

14. Buenos Aires

15. Toronto

16. Madrid

17. Jakarta

18. Seoul

19. Frankfurt

20. Geneva

21. Tel Aviv

22. Istanbul

23. Cairo

24. Taipei

25. Los Angeles

26. Mumbai

27. Boston

28. Dublin

29. Tokyo

30. Chicago

31. Hong Kong

32. Shanghai

33. Brussels

34. San Francisco

35. Paris

36. Sao Paulo

37. Zurich

38. London

39. Johannesburg

40. Milan

41. Washington, DC

42. New York

43. Moscow

44. Mexico City

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