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Female Detective Becomes Beauty Queen, Confidently Has a Body of Containing

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Bali Tourism – A successful British detective won a beauty contest called Miss Voluptuous England. Now, the 31-year-old woman is increasingly confident with her full appearance.

Nicola Floss has a career as a police detective. When not busy at work, he focuses on spreading the message of body positivity.

Launch Daily Star, Miss Voluptuous is the UK’s only plus size beauty pageant. Through this contest, Nicola has managed to win three times.

At the contest, Nicola looked charming with a dark blue dress. The contest was held virtually on February 6, 2021.

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“This pandemic has shaken the country so being able to do something for donations and doing something that everyone can follow is very important to me,” he said.

“This is a surprise, and a happy moment because I can raise funds, especially during the lockdown. It is a personal achievement,” he added.

The Detective Woman Who Became a Beauty Queen (instagram.com/nicola_floss)

Nicola’s victory as a beauty queen is also known to her friends in the police. Not a few praised him for spreading positive messages about body shape.

Nicola himself did not tell his co-workers directly. But when they found out that Nicola had won, the 31-year-old was flooded with support.

“I work hard at my job every day, and I also work hard in order to share a positive message about body confidence,” he added.

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Because she has a full body shape, Nicola never thought she could become a model. In fact, he has a healthy body size.

Even when she was a teenager, Nicola felt insecure because she had difficulty finding clothes that fit. As a result, Nicola began experiencing eating disorders, anxiety disorders, and depression.

Fortunately, Nicola got help at the age of 25. Now, she is confident in showing off her curvy body.

The Detective Woman Who Became a Beauty Queen (instagram.com/nicola_floss)
The Detective Woman Who Became a Beauty Queen (instagram.com/nicola_floss)

“I want to make a difference because I see a lot of negativity, and a lot of positive things that can be done.”

Nicola started participating in beauty pageants since 2016 ago. Apart from that, she also works side by side as a swimsuit model.

“People see women as plump and they feel represented. They think if they can do tanning too, they can wear bikinis because others can too.”

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