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University of Indonesia Opens a New Masters Department, Masters in Medical Physics

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Bali Tourism – The development of medical equipment and technology makes the need for medical physics graduates increasing.

Realizing this, the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Indonesia (FMIPA UI) opened a new study program (prodi) in the coming academic year, namely the Masters in Medical Physics.

“Advances in technological innovation in the medical field require professional experts in the field of medical physics, so that prospective students do not have to worry about the job prospects of graduates of this study program,” said Deputy Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs UI, Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Abdul Haris in his statement in Depok, Friday (29/1/2021).

He explained that career opportunities for graduates of the Medical Physics study program include being able to work in the medical device industry, becoming a product specialist in medical device companies, research and development centers, to policy makers at the Ministry of Health or the Nuclear Energy Supervisory Agency.

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The opening of this study program was stated in the UI Chancellor’s Decree Number: 2256 / SK / R / UI / 2020 on December 14, 2020 concerning the Permit to Open the Medical Physics Study Program in the FMIPA UI master program.

The UI Medical Physics Master Program was previously a Medical Physics specialization which has been developed for 20 years in the Physics Department of FMIPA UI.

This study program was established with the aim of producing competent medical physicists to meet hospital needs in radiotherapy, radiodiagnostic, and nuclear medicine services.

Furthermore, Haris said that as individuals who will practice in a clinical environment, graduates of this study program are required to attend a clinical residency program for at least two years under a qualified clinical supervisor to obtain a certificate of competence.

“Graduates who have successfully achieved the competency certificate will be given a Medical Physicist Registration Certificate from the Indonesian Health Workforce Council,” he explained.

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Medical physics, according to the International Organization for Medical Physics (IOMP), is an application of physics that focuses on technology for prevention, diagnosis, and disease therapy.

The scope of medical physics involved includes radiotherapy physics, diagnostic imaging physics, nuclear medicine physics, health physics (radiation protection), imaging and non-ionizing therapy, physiological measurements and biomedical materials / instrumentation.

For prospective students who will choose the Medical Physics Masters Study Program, there are 2 (two) lecture classes offered, namely the regular class and the research class.

In regular classes, students attend lectures through structured learning in class on Monday-Friday, carry out field study programs, and take midterm and end-semester exams.

Unlike the regular class, there is no structured lecture schedule in research classes. Students are focused on completing research according to topics of interest. This topic has previously been submitted through proposals to prospective supervisors at the interview stage. [ANTARA]

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