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Unable to withstand Lust, Grandfather in Bantul Obscures 3 Neighbor’s Children

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The police show evidence of child sexual abuse during a press conference at the Bantul Police Headquarters, Friday (29/1/2021). [Muhammad Ilham Baktora / Bali Tourism]

Perpetrators of molestation face a maximum sentence of 15 years.

Bali Tourism – Another case of sexual abuse experienced by minors occurred in Bantul Regency. A 50-year-old man with the initials TMJ could not hold back his lust when he saw the child’s breasts were starting to grow.

Head of the Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Bantul Police, Iptu Sutarja, explained that the three victims of TMJ were still minors. The victim is a neighbor of his village with the initials KRN (7), LTF (8) and ZIL (7).

“The victim and the perpetrator are close neighbors. Incidentally, the victim often plays around the perpetrator’s house,” said Sutarja, leading a press conference at the Bantul Police Headquarters, Friday (29/1/2021).

Sutarja explained that the case was revealed when a child with the initials KRN complained to his brother if he received indecent treatment by the perpetrator.

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“The victim (KRN) experienced obscene acts by the perpetrator in December 2020. That was the first time. At that time the victim was playing around the pool of the perpetrator’s house. The victim was invited to enter his house and the perpetrator opened his shirt and lowered his pants. There the victim’s genitals and breasts were kissed. , “said Sutarja.

Not only at that time, KRN often experienced similar incidents up to 4 times. However, because the victim felt threatened by the perpetrator, he had not yet informed his family.

“However, the victim was burdensome to tell her sister. After that, the victim’s sister reported it to her parents,” he explained.

The padukuhan apparatus was discussing the case by calling the perpetrators and victims. From these results, it was found that the perpetrator did not only commit to one child.

“Previously there was mediation with local stakeholders. From these results it was found that LTF and ZIL experienced the same thing. Then the victim’s parents did not accept it and finally made a report to the police,” he said.

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Separately, the Banit for Women and Children Services (PPA) of the Bantul Police Unit, Aipda Musthafa Kamal, said that the mode of the perpetrator is different for each child. However, each victim was rewarded with a doll. But until now it has never been purchased.

“The ZIL victim, for example, initially played with his friend. Because the victim played around the pool of the perpetrator’s house and his hands were dirty, the perpetrator cleaned it. But after cleaning the perpetrator carried the victim into the house and squeezed the victim’s breast 3 times,” said Kamal.

He explained that the perpetrator carried out the action inside the house when the perpetrator’s wife and children were not there and around the road when conditions were quiet.

“The perpetrator is a farmer. When the house is empty and the children are playing around the house, the perpetrator launches the action. There are in the perpetrator’s child’s room, in front of the entrance, there are also on the village streets and near the cow sheds,” explained Kamal.

The evidence confiscated by the police, among others, was a pink t-shirt and shorts belonging to KRN. LTF’s pink short sleeve t-shirt and ZIL’s blue short sleeve t-shirt.

For the perpetrator’s actions, TMJ was subjected to article 82 of RI Law No. 17/2016 concerning Stipulation of Perpu No. 1/2016 on the second amendment to Law No. 23/2002 on Child Protection.

“Perpetrators face imprisonment for a minimum of 5 years and a maximum of 15 years,” said Kamal.

In front of the officers, TMJ admitted that he could not contain his lust when he saw the body parts of a small child that had begun to develop.

“I did it because I could not hold back my passion. When these children were playing near the house, I was immediately interested in touching (the body) of the child,” he said.

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