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This is what makes New Zealand’s dairy products the best in the world

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Bali Tourism – When you hear the word New Zealand or New Zealand, the thing that comes to mind is probably beautiful grasslands with healthy farm animals. New Zealand is often cited as a clear example of a country that has succeeded in improving the lives of farmers and ranchers.

New Zealand Ambassador to Indonesia, Dr. Jonathan Austin, said that this is what makes New Zealand naturally blessed in terms of producing milk.

New Zealand’s cool climate, fertile soil and abundant water create the perfect environment for growing quality grass. New Zealand, he said, is also free from many pests and animal diseases.

“Good grazing and cow health systems result in a lower carbon footprint for New Zealand milk, low levels of antibiotic use, and agricultural land that maintains high soil carbon levels,” he explained at the launch of Mainland Cheese in Indonesia.

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New Zealand’s dairy industry, he said, also produces more than 1,500 different formulations of dairy products. These advantages are a gift from New Zealand’s nature and geography, providing world-class ingredients for a delicious and healthy premium cheese.

The same thing was also expressed by the President Director of Fonterra Brands Indonesia, Shekhar Rapaka. According to him, not all milk is of the same quality as made in New Zealand, which is ideal for pasture dairy farming and has a low carbon footprint.

To provide quality products, Fonterra Brands Indonesia finally brought Mainland Cheese to Indonesia, as a legacy of New Zealand from generation to generation made with 100 percent of the best natural ingredients and has a long history of being the recipient of an award from the New Zealand Champions of Cheese Awards.

“Mainland is made from quality New Zealand milk, 100 percent natural ingredients, fresh and sourced from lands with pristine natural beauty, rolling hills, lush valleys and sparkling lakes. With these strong values, natural and healthy ingredients, we I am very confident that Mainland will soon become one of the most popular dairy nutrition products in Indonesia, “he said.

Mainland Cheese in Indonesia comes in three variants, namely Mild, Tasty, and Vintage which are between 3 and 24 months old. These cheeses, he said, are produced according to a tradition that cheese makers are proud to pass down from generation to generation.

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Award-winning cheese making requires dedication and a deep understanding of the ingredients and processes. The little things that make a difference in the quality of Mainland Cheese, he says, are the unhurried and careful way of making them. This is what will give the best results.

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