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The Head and Members of the Mengwi Police were rewarded with the Bali Police Chief after arresting an Ormas Person

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Kepala Dan Anggota Polsek Mengwi Diberi Reward Kapolda Bali Setelah Tangkap Oknum Ormas

Bali Tourism, MANGUPURA – Kapolsek Mengwi and members of Polsek Mengwi received gifts from the Bali Police Chief, Inspector General of Police I Putu Jayan Danu Putra because he was considered to be outstanding because arrested two members of mass organizations, namely Kadek Doris Pranata (30) and I Made Sudiasa (35) who were involved in the beatings some time ago.

This was done by the Bali Police Chief during a working visit to the Mengwi Police, Badung, Bali, on Friday, January 29, 2021.

“The Mengwi Police revealed that the actual cases were actually ordinary, namely beatings, because certain (perpetrators) of certain mass organizations became concern we. Don’t let these elements come back to life, ”said the Bali Police Chief, Inspector General of Police. Putu Jayan Danu Putra.

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He said that the police need to be firm with matters that disturb the security and comfort of the Bali region.

According to him, Bali must remain safe and conducive so that tourism will revive.

“Don’t let this person damage the image of Bali,” he stressed again.

He promised that the Bali Police and its staff would still maintain Bali as a safe world tourist destination, without feeling anxious.

“My policy is to continue the previous (Kapolda) policy, not to lose to any mass organizations,” he said.

He also emphasized that there must be problems related to thuggery.

So that in the future he admits that he will continue to guard these cases so that Bali remains safe.

“We hope that Bali will be shunned from the actions of certain groups that try to make Bali unsafe. I am proud and give appreciation. This is a form of my commitment, those who excel will be rewarded, “he hoped.

After giving reward To outstanding officers of the Criminal Investigation Unit, his party continued to deliver basic foodstuffs to the public.

Food packages were given to people in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We are facing the Covid-19 pandemic. Don’t let thuggery also run rampant, ”he concluded.

As previously known, two members of the mass organization known as Kadek Doris Pranata (31) from the Kelaci Office, Dauh Puri Village, Marga District and I Made Sudiasa (36) from Nyitdah Village, Kediri, Tabanan were secured by the Mengwi Police on Thursday, January 21, 2021. night.

Both of them were secured because they attacked Adi Siswanto (33), a construction worker from Banyuwangi at a boarding house in Banjar Gegaran, Baha Village, Mengwi District, Badung, Bali.

The victim Siswanto was beaten while drunk and came home from drinking with his friend at Warung Wirta in Banjar Busana Kelod, Baha Village, Mengwi, Badung.

The beatings occurred because the two perpetrators were offended by the victim’s words.

Kapolsek Mengwi AKP Ni Putu Kurniawandari, SH, SIK said the case of the beatings took place at around 20.00 WITA.

At that time the victim and his friends were eating / drinking at Warung Wirta.

Because the victim was drunk, his friend invited the victim to return to his boarding house in Banjar Gegaran, Baha.

Arriving at the boarding house, they met the two perpetrators and were involved in a dispute.

“The perpetrator is in the victim’s boarding house because the perpetrator is looking for his female friend. So at that time the victim was asked what to drink. Maybe because of drunkenness the victim said unconsciously, so there was a dispute, “said Putu Kurniawandari, Friday, January 22, 2021.

Feeling offended, the two perpetrators immediately hit and kicked the victim, causing the victim to have a torn wound to the left ear.

After hitting and kicking the victim, the two perpetrators immediately left.

Meanwhile, the victim also immediately reported what happened to him to the Mengwi Police for further treatment.

Receiving the report of the beatings, the Mengwi Police opsnal team went straight to the scene.

Based on TKP processing and TKP analysis as well as information from witnesses at the TKP, the police succeeded in pocketing the identities of the two perpetrators.

“That night the team immediately drove to Tabanan. At around 22.30 WITA, the Mengwi Police opsnal team managed to secure one perpetrator, namely the Kadek actor Doris Pranata. From his confession he carried out the beatings with his friend on behalf of I Made Sudiasa alias Tapak, “he explained.

Then the opsnal team returned to trace the whereabouts of the second perpetrator.

At 23.45 local time, the Mengwi Police opsnal team secured the perpetrator I Made Sudiasa in Banjar Tegal, Nyitdah Village, Kediri, Tabanan.

“From the results of the interrogation, the two perpetrators admitted that they had beaten the victim. At that time, the perpetrator of Kadek Doris Pranata admitted that he hit him twice on the left side of the head. He even had time to kick twice d on the left. Meanwhile, the perpetrator of Tapak kicked the victim on the other leg, ”he explained

Meanwhile, the two perpetrators are still being detained at the Mangwi Police for further investigation.

Based on the results of the data collection, the two actors were known to be members of mass organizations in Bali.

“The two perpetrators were members of mass organizations where Kadek Doris Pranata was a member of the Marga Korlap and I Made Sudiasa a member of the Nyitdah Korlap,” he said.

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