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The figure of the youngest girl in China who is addicted to Oplas, has reached 100 times

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Bali Tourism – Dissatisfaction with appearance can encourage a person to undergo plastic surgery. Not only among adults, a 16 year old teenager from China is also addicted to plastic surgery.

Launching Oddity Central, the 16-year-old girl named Zhou Chuna is an influencer on the Sina Weibo platform. He rose to fame after sharing his transformation process.

Zhou Chuna started doing surgery procedures three years ago. His appearance has now completely changed to resemble a doll.

No half-hearted, Chuna is said to be the youngest girl who is addicted to plastic surgery. The reason is that he has gone through 100 procedures in the last 3 years.

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Zhou Chuna even experienced side effects after having had too much plastic surgery. He suffered permanent injuries to the point of losing his memory.

Even so, this 16 year old teenager still claims to be satisfied. To his followers, Zhou Chuna wrote that he used to look very ugly because he had small eyes and a big nose.

Zhou Chuna, the Youngest Girl Addicted to Plastic Surgery (youtube.com/)

Not only that, Chuna was also teased because of her appearance. He was often bullied by classmates and was often asked to do tough things during class pickets.

On the other hand, Chuna revealed that the beautiful girls in his class never got a tough task. This is what prompted Chuna to do surgery.

At the age of 13, Zhou Chuna started asking his parents to do double eyelid surgery. Although initially rejected, Chuna’s parents finally agreed to finance.

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Chuna was also advised that surgery will only make her face look older. However, after surgery, this girl realized that many people were starting to be friendly.

“The attitude of people got better after I had double eyelid surgery, and I felt the sweet benefits of plastic surgery,” said Chuna at the time.

Currently, Chuna has performed 100 procedures ranging from fillers, rhinoplasty, breast implants, liposuction, to changing her eyes to look like Barbie.

Last year, Chuna had to reduce the number of plastic surgery procedures due to the pandemic. However, he will still be able to do 20 plastic surgeries during 2020 and does not plan to stop.

Zhou Chuna, the Youngest Girl Addicted to Plastic Surgery (youtube.com/)
Zhou Chuna, the Youngest Girl Addicted to Plastic Surgery (youtube.com/)

In total, this 16-year-old girl has spent 4 million yuan or Rp. 8.6 billion. The majority of the money comes from his parents’ business.

Chuna also admitted that he threatened to leave school if he did not pay for plastic surgery. Plus, Chuna’s parents chose their child to have surgery at a trusted clinic instead of finding the clinic themselves.

“I’ll never be satisfied with my appearance. I always feel prettier after surgery. If anyone asks me if I’m sorry, my only regret is not starting earlier.”

“It’s impossible for me not to do plastic surgery. I’m fine if I don’t eat or drink, but I can’t live without plastic surgery,” Zhou Chuna added.

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