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Sister at St. Anna Panti Rapih is positive for Covid-19, This is the Response of the DIY Health Office

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Dozens of sisters and nurses at St. Petersburg Anna Panti Rapih is positive for Covid-19

Bali Tourism – The outbreak of positive confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the Monastery of St. Anna Panti Rapih received attention from the Health Office (Dinkes) of the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY). According to him, tracing efforts should continue to be carried out to find out more about the transmission route to the 26 nurses and 29 employees.

“Tracing must be done so that later the track can be seen [penyebaran Covid-19] from where, “said the Head of the DIY Health Office, Pembajun Setyaningastutie when confirmed by the media crew, Friday (29/1/2021).

According to Pembajun, the medical protocol has been strictly enforced by the Monastery, according to Pembajun, that does not mean that the transmission can be stopped. He considered that there are still many other factors that might not have been given enough attention to cause this transmission to occur.

“Maybe they are strict but sorry but maybe there is still a distributor of vegetables, fruit or anything that goes in there. Yes, they are still screened, check the temperature of all kinds but the contacts are from the items being moved. Are they clean or not and other things,” he explained .

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Meanwhile, it was confirmed separately by the Head of the Sleman Regency Health Office (Dinkes) Joko Hastaryo, saying he was still matching the data in the field. This is due to the location of the Monastery of St. Anna Panti Rapih which is on the border of Sleman and Jogja City.

“It still matches the data in the field, mas. It is unique because the location is right on the border between Caturtunggal, Depok, Sleman and the city of Jogja,” said Joko.

According to information received by Joko, the report was submitted to the Yogyakarta City Covid-19 Handling Task Force. Until this news was written, the Sleman Health Office was still conducting further coordination regarding the case report at St Anna’s Monastery.

Previously reported, as many as 26 sisters and 29 employees at St Anna’s Monastery, confirmed positive for Covid-19. This case is known from a nursing assistant who experienced symptoms of fever and cough.

Knowing this, the monastery immediately took quick steps to carry out mass PCR swabs. The results of the PCR test came out on 26 January.

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“Right. The information is correct. The total number of people exposed is 26 sisters and 29 employees,” said the head of the CB Congregation which owns ST Anna Monastery, Sister Yustiana.

Sister Yustiana, explained that this monastery is a super yuswa monastery or a monastery that is inhabited by many elderly sisters. It claims that the Covid-19 preventive health protocol has been strictly implemented since the beginning of the pandemic, or to be precise last March.

“We have actually implemented strict health protocols from March, even the residents here do not receive guests first, so they can only use video calls,” he claimed.

For now, nurses and employees who have been confirmed positive for Covid-19 with OTG status are still in good condition and are still under the supervision of the nurses at Panti Rapih Hospital.

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