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Sharp Indonesia Distributes Emergency Aid to Disaster-Affected Communities in Indonesia

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Sharp Indonesia Salurkan Bantuan Darurat bagi Masyarakat Terdampak Bencana di Indonesia

Bali Tourism – The year 2021 begins with various events that give deep sorrow to the people of Indonesia, various disasters hit parts of the islands of Java, Kalimantan and Sulawesi.

Extreme climate change has become one of the causes of recent disasters, such as landslides that occurred in Sumedang, West Java, flash floods in 7 districts of South Kalimantan, earthquakes in Majene and Mamuju, West Sulawesi, to hot clouds of Mount Semeru & eruption of Mount Merapi in East Java and Central Java.

In order to alleviate the suffering of disaster-affected residents who currently live in several emergency posts and live in limitations in disaster areas, PT Sharp Electronics Indonesia through its social responsibility program ‘Bakti Untuk Negeri: Sharp Cares Indonesia’ will channel aid through the non-profit Human Initiative foundation.

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“We will provide emergency assistance in the form of staple food, baby needs, sanitation equipment, health, as well as assistance in the form of blankets, masks and tarpaulins to build temporary evacuation tents. We hope that our assistance can help our brothers in refugee camps and also in disaster areas, ”said Andry Adi Utomo as National Sales Senior General Manager of PT SHARP Electronics Indonesia through an official broadcast received by Tribunjogja.com.

‘Bakti Untuk Negeri’ is Sharp Indonesia’s Corporate Social Responsibility program that was formed as a response to social problems that occur in Indonesia.

Through this program Sharp Indonesia as a corporate representative strives to contribute positively to the environment and improve community welfare.

One of the several activities carried out is that Sharp Indonesia consistently plays an active role in providing assistance to disaster-affected communities, starting from the emergency response phase to the recovery and post-disaster phases.

The event for the delivery of aid was officially carried out on January 28, 2021 at the Sharp Indonesia sales office, Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta by Andry Adi Utomo to Tommy Hendrajati as President of the Human Initiative.

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“We really appreciate Sharp Indonesia’s concern for handling communities affected by the disaster that occurred in Indonesia. Thank you again for entrusting the distribution of aid to Us Human Initiative. We will immediately distribute this assistance to affected communities in the five regions, “he said.

Not only providing assistance during the emergency response period as it is today, Sharp Indonesia has also prepared other assistance during the post-disaster recovery period in the form of psychosocial programs that will help restore traumatic events in children due to disasters as well as free service services and a 50% discount * for purchase of spare parts for all Sharp products manufactured in 2016 and above. This contribution is a manifestation of Sharp’s concern for loyal consumers in Indonesia to ease the burden on people affected by disasters.

The timing of this second phase will adjust to the situation and conditions in the disaster area in order to provide maximum benefits.

“We are sure that once their condition recovers, they will definitely need electronic products to support their daily activities, here Sharp will help loyal customers who are affected by the disaster by providing convenience through free service,” concluded Andry. (Tribunjogja.com)

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