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Marshaller Workflow, Here’s How To Park An Airplane

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Parking a plane is not an easy thing because of the large size of the plane. There are international rules that bind plane parkers or marshallers.

The international aviation association, IATA, provides guidance. They create movements that marshallers make to guide the pilots.

“The rules for working as a marshaller are determined by IATA. In accordance with existing international rules and always following updates,” said Arif Husni, a marshaler from Gapura who has worked for 10 years.

Then how is the movement and process of guiding the aircraft?

First, 15 minutes before the plane arrives and enters the apron area, the marshaller and other ground handling members must arrive parking spot or booth.

“After we arrive at the booth, which aircraft will enter, we have to do it FOD Check. This is the name foreign object debris where we have to sterilize the area so that there are no gravel or foreign objects that can damage the plane while parking, “explained Arif to Bali Tourism.

“After the FOD Check is complete, the marshaller stands according to the parking spot. Where the direction after the plane enters our hands up, it means ‘I’m ready to guide the plane!'”

Then, as Arif demonstrated, his hands were raised straight at shoulder level and waved both hands so that the plane advanced. If you want to turn left or right, only the left hand will wave and the right hand remains straight.

“If you turn to the right, you have to swing your right hand,” said Arif.

After approaching stock bar, the marshaller must make the signal by crossing his arms. This means that the plane must stop in the area.

After that there is also a sign from our hand that will give the signal that the plane has been blocked or chock or fouled by chock man.

“After stopping at that point, we signal the captain to break release. The signal is open fingers, “he explained.

“Then we sign clear area that the task as marshalling has been completed, “he added.

Then how does the plane take off? Are there any differences in this process?

“If this process is a signal in the push back or at ATT, the device for the plane is backward. Marshaller only guides the incoming aircraft,” he said.

15 minutes before the plane arrives as described above includes the time to clean the aircraft parking area. Gapura staff will be guided by field guides when cleaning the parking area.

“So a coordinator ramp, one marshalling officer, five porters, one loading, two PTT. We do too briefings on the spot, preparation for incoming aircraft, “said Arif.

“The cleaning is manual by the marshaller. We will see if there is garbage, it will be cleaned too,” he explained.

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