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Lion Parcel Collaborates with FedEx, Provides Logistic Shipping Services in Indonesia

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Lion Parcel Jalin Kerjasama dengan FedEx, Berikan Pelayanan Pengiriman Logistik di Indonesia

Bali Tourism – Lion Parcel, one of the leading logistics players in Indonesia, announced a strategic partnership with FedEx, a leading international logistics company.

The cooperation between the two companies in the logistics sector includes the provision of logistics delivery services by Lion Parcel for FedEx commercial linehaul domestically (hub-to-hub) in Indonesia, with routes from (outbound) and to (inbound) Jakarta, to several strategic areas in Indonesia. Indonesia.

Farian Kirana, CEO of Lion Parcel, said Lion Parcel’s collaboration with FedEx as the world’s leading logistics company with a good reputation is both proof and enthusiasm.

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“For us to continue to provide the best service that prioritizes punctuality. Through this strategic partnership, Lion Parcel is ready to serve FedEx’s needs for domestic shipping services in Indonesia, with the support of our air fleet network,” he said.

This collaboration, he continued, is also in line with his commitment to become a bridge for the Indonesian economy, which encourages business development and has a positive impact on the wider community.

“We hope that the partnership with FedEx will be a long-term partnership, and can provide more satisfaction to our customers throughout Indonesia,” he explained.

The collaboration between the two well-known companies in the logistics sector is strongly supported by Lion Parcel’s commitment to guarantee on time delivery, one of which is through the Next Day Delivery service or “Send Now Tomorrow Until” (ONEPACK).

It is recorded that the number of transactions for the “ONEPACK” service itself has grown more than 100% on average, with a success rate of up to 95% since its launch in 4 months.

In addition, the support of Lion Group’s own aircraft fleet network and guaranteed cargo allocation also allows Lion Parcel to help improve FedEx’s domestic shipping services in Indonesia.

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“Since its establishment in 2013, service quality and innovation have continued to be Lion Parcel’s priorities. This collaboration with FedEx strengthens our commitment to continue making innovations from an operational perspective. The main thing is to increase the SLA for hub-to-hub delivery to 3 hours, from touch down / landing aircraft to their destination. Every delivery process must be carried out based on this SLA and we will continue to monitor it in order to increase the overall success rate percentage, ”added Farian.

The strategic partnership between Lion Parcel and FedEx will be the first step in the contribution of the two companies to the growth of the national logistics industry and the Indonesian economy.

In the initial phase of this collaboration, Lion Parcel will serve 15 routes to and from Jakarta.

These routes are part of Lion Parcel’s efforts to continue expanding its delivery range since its establishment in 2013, which currently has reached 201 cities / hubs throughout Indonesia.

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