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Jogja City DPRD Employee Suspected of Covid-19, This is the Chronology

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The news that Pak Hari died is true.

Bali Tourism – The sad news came to the Yogyakarta City Regional People’s Representative Council (DPRD) after the Head of Public Relations and Protocol for the Secretary of the Yogyakarta City Regional Representative Council (DPRD), Hari Sukmo, was declared dead on Friday (29/1/2021) afternoon. Although the results of the PCR swab have not been released, it is strongly suspected that the employee concerned died with the status of being exposed to Covid-19.

This news was conveyed directly by the Chairman of the Yogyakarta City DPRD Danang Rudiyatmoko, when confirmed by the media crew, Saturday (30/1/2021). Danang confirmed that he gave news to the other members of the board about the suspicion that the employee who died had Covid-19.

“The news of Pak Hari’s death is true. Then I made the news or news for the sake of protecting myself,” said Danang.

Danang said that his party had not received the results from Hermina Hospital or the place concerned was undergoing treatment. However, during this time, the person concerned has never complained of comorbid or congenital illness, such as diabetes or heart disease.

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“There are no comorbid complaints, what I hear is that the people are in good health,” he said.

The suspicion that Danang conveyed against one of his employees was not without reason. The reason is that if you look at the chronology, the symptoms and conditions experienced are strongly suspected of being exposed to Covid-19.

Danang said that about 4 days ago, the person concerned looked unwell and indeed complained that he was not feeling well so he said goodbye to go home. Then today, Friday (29/1) morning, Danang saw the WA status in question, who basically couldn’t be contacted because he was being treated.

“WA’s status is what made his wife. It was around Friday afternoon or 11 noon. In the afternoon he was declared critical because he experienced respiratory failure nearly 50 percent,” he said.

Danang said that through the rapid antigen results in the hospital, the results were non-reactive or negative. However, the PCR swab test results have not yet come out.

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Nevertheless, said Danang, from checking the condition of the X-rays of his lungs, he looked quite bad. From the results of the examination and other symptoms, his party said that he was exposed to Covid-19.

“When the X-rays showed his lungs had sunk. Once the X-rays were taken, the lungs were covered with a white membrane until he died,” he said.

When asked about the results of the PCR in question, Danang admitted that he still did not know when the exact date would come out. But what is certain is that in order to continue to increase vigilance the Yogyakarta City DPRD office will be closed for a while.

“Yes, just for vigilance. Incidentally the DPRD is in recess so the DPRD office will be closed until February 7th. While waiting for the PCR results to come out as well as sterilize and we will do tracing,” he said.

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