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Jakarta Residents, Here Are 5 Natural Attractions Near Your Home

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Who says Jakarta only has shopping and entertainment tours? Nature tourism in Jakarta is even very beautiful and easy to reach.

Most of the natural attractions in Jakarta have the theme of forests and beaches. So, a traveler who wants to feel the atmosphere of these two places, doesn’t need to go far out of town.

The following are recommendations for natural tourism in Jakarta from Bali Tourism:

1. Pantai Indah Kapuk Mangrove Forest

(Aditya Fajar / Bali Tourism)

A trip to Pantai Indah Kapuk, it’s not right if you don’t visit the mangrove forest. Located in the Penjaringan area, North Jakarta, this forest offers a quiet atmosphere amidst the hustle and bustle of the capital.

By paying an entrance ticket of IDR 35 thousand, a traveler can enjoy the green mangroves while hunting for Instagramable photos. There, a traveler can also rent a boat or canoe along the river which is similar to the atmosphere in Kalimantan.

In addition, a traveler can also preserve mangroves by participating in planting mangrove seeds on an area of ​​99.82 hectares. By paying IDR 150 thousand, a traveler has contributed to preserving the environment.

You can do the sensation of staying in the mangrove forest, you know. In this PIK Mangrove Forest, there are a number of inns with various facilities, from camping tents, non-air-conditioned rooms, air-conditioned rooms to villas. The rental price starts from IDR 300 thousand to IDR 6 million per night.

2. Srengseng City Forest

Srengseng City Forest, West Jakarta, is proposed to be a tourist destination.  However, the government must change the face of urban forests in order to attract tourists. Photo: (Arief Ikhsanudin / Bali Tourism)

Want to enjoy free natural tourism, you can come to Srengseng City Forest. Located on Jalan Haji Kelik, West Jakarta, this forest looks so beautiful.

Srengseng City Forest has 4,000 trees which are divided into 60 varieties. There is also a lake that can be visited for travelers who like fishing.

What’s more, there is also a children’s play area, jogging track, and a food court that sells various foods and drinks. This forest is also equipped with facilities such as toilets and parking lots.

3. Setu Babakan

Dozens of tourist destinations in the capital have been forced to temporarily close due to the spread of the corona virus.  The Betawi cultural village of Setu Babakan was also closed.Dozens of tourist destinations in the capital have been forced to temporarily close due to the spread of the corona virus. The Betawi cultural village of Setu Babakan was also closed. Photo: Muhammad Ridho

From West Jakarta, we drove to South Jakarta, to be precise the Srengseng Sawah area, Jagakarsa. There is a free tourist spot that combines the concept of nature and culture called Setu Babakan.

For natural tourism, a traveler can enjoy the shady trees and beautiful lake views. In addition, a traveler can also learn about Betawi culture and taste various traditional Betawi culinary delights. Fun, right?

4. Allianz Ecopark & ​​Fauland

Recreation park in AncolPhoto: (dessy3natalia / d’Traveler)

Turning to the Ancol area, there is a modern park that offers various attractions in one place. His name is Allianz Ecopark & ​​Fauland.

Now, from the name, you can guess that this place really carries the concept of environmentally friendly and animal conservation. There, a traveler can enjoy parks and urban forests, complete with outbound areas, jogging, cycling, and culinary delights.

There is also a mini zoo called Fauna Land. A traveler can see male and female white lions from behind the glass. In addition, a traveler can also take pictures with exotic birds, such as cockatoos to macao.

To play at Allianz Ecopark & ​​Faunaland, a traveler is charged IDR 25 thousand and if you enjoy a number of rides you will be charged an additional fee.

5. Ancol Beach

The DKI Jakarta Provincial Government has re-established the Transitional PSBB.  Ancol has also opened again to welcome tourists.Photo: Pradita Utama / Bali Tourism

Beach children who already miss the waves, try to come to Ancol Beach. The beach in Ancol is divided into six areas, namely Carnival Beach, Festival, Indah, Bende, Ria, and Beach Pool or Laguna.

Apart from playing water, a traveler can also rent a boat to try out an adrenaline-challenging outbound. For those who want to shop, you can also visit Ancol Beach City, whose lobby directly faces the beach.

To enjoy Ancol Beach, a traveler only needs to pay IDR 25 thousand at the Ancol entrance. This beach is also open 24 hours.

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