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Electric shock while welding, Playen’s original husband and wife died

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Bali Tourism – Unlucky fate befell a husband and wife from Padukuhan Banaran VII RT 036/007 Kalurahan Banaran Kapanewonan Playen Gunungkidul. Both of them died after being electrocuted by an electric pad used by their husband to do his job.

Saturday (30/1/2021) morning around 08.30 WIb, the residents of Padukuhan Banaran VII were excited to hear cries for help from the children of the couple Nur Kawan (38) and Sri Andiyani (35). The neighbors came to the house and saw the couple lying in the welding shop behind their house.

The neighbor who first came was Arif Tugiran (52) who saw Nur Kawan lying down holding an electric welding device and Sri Andayani’s wife was seen reaching for Nur Kawan’s body. Arif immediately tried to pull Sri Andayani’s body because the woman was seen still moving.

While shouting for help, Arif tried to help Sri Andayani. Hearing the screams of the children of the victims and the screams of Arif, other neighbors also came. They tried to find an outlet to turn off the electricity. However, because they were worried that they were also electrocuted, they then looked for the Kwh meter of the house.

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All welding equipment that had been stuck in the socket was finally unplugged and they saw that Nur Kawan was not moving and had no pulse. While his wife was seen still moving, she was about to be rushed to the hospital but eventually died.

Acting Kapolsek Playen, Iptu Larso when confirmed to his personal number confirmed the incident. In this incident, his party also called PLN to turn off the electricity flowing to the house before evacuating the victim.

“Earlier I asked PLN to temporarily turn off the electricity,” he explained, Saturday (30/1/2021) when confirmed to his personal number.

His party is still conducting investigations related to the incident in order to find the source of the residents being electrocuted. From the results of the examination of witnesses, it was estimated that the victim’s wife was also electrocuted because she wanted to help her husband who was previously electrocuted.

From the results of the Playen I Puskesmas examination led by Dr. Yolanda, Larso said that Nur Kawan’s body was stiff, abrasions on the thighs of his right leg, abrasions on his right elbow, discharge from the mouth, eyes and ears. Meanwhile, his wife Sri Andayani’s body was stiff, with abrasions on the elbows of her right and left hands.

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“The two victims have been handed over to the victim’s family for burial. While the conclusion is purely due to an accident,” he added.

Larso added that the daily work of the two victims was welding light steel and having a workshop behind their house. The two victims left four small children

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