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Boeing to make commercial aircraft 100% sustainable fuel, fly 2030?

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Boeing is committed to building commercial airliners using 100% sustainable fuels. At the end of this decade, the environmentally friendly aircraft in question is expected to pass and receive a flight-worthy certificate.

In an official broadcast on Saturday (30/1/2021), Boeing has set an ambitious target of creating a commercial aircraft capable and declared airworthy using 100% sustainable fuels by 2030.

Previously, Boeing had conducted flight tests that succeeded in replacing jet aviation fuel with 100% sustainable fuel. This effort is to meet the pressing challenges of climate change.

According to the Air Transport Action Group, the United States Ministry of Energy and several other scientific studies, sustainable aviation fuels can reduce CO emissions2 up to 80%. Then, this type of fuel has the potential to reach 100% in the future.

Currently, sustainable aviation fuel is blended directly with conventional aviation fuel on a 50/50 scale. This is the maximum allowable limit based on current fuel specifications.

In order to fulfill the aviation sector’s commitment to reduce carbon emissions by up to 50% of the emission level by 2050, this environmentally friendly aircraft must be able to fly using 100% sustainable aviation fuel by 2050.

“The industry and our customers are committed to tackling climate change. Sustainable fuels are the safest and most scalable solution to reducing aviation carbon emissions in the coming decades,” said Stan Deal, Commercial Airplanes President and CEO of Boeing.

“We are committed to working with regulators, engine manufacturers and other stakeholders to ensure our environmentally friendly aircraft and ultimately our industry can fly entirely on sustainable aircraft fuels,” he added.

Boeing’s commitment is to define the changes required for its existing and future commercial aircraft to fly with 100% sustainable fuel. They are also working with regulators and across the industry to scale-up their fuel mixtures for wider use.

“With a long history of innovation in sustainable aviation fuels, certifying our family of aircraft to fly with 100% sustainable fuels can significantly enhance Boeing’s high commitment to innovation and its operations to make a better world,” said Chris Raymond, Chief Sustainability Officer. .

“Sustainable aviation fuel is proven, used daily, and has the most immediate and potential impact to reduce carbon emissions in the short and long term if we work together as an industry,” he added.

Boeing is one of the pioneers in realizing sustainable aviation fuel. They partner globally with airlines, industry, governments and research institutions to increase limited supplies and reduce fuel costs.

Boeing has been working with airlines, engine manufacturers and others to carry out biofuel flight tests starting in 2008. It has also secured approval for sustainable fuels in 2011.

In 2018, Boeing commissioned a flight test program for Boeing’s ecoDemonstrator aircraft which made it the world’s first commercial aircraft to use 100% sustainable fuels on its 777 Freighter Cargo Plane, in collaboration with FedEx Express.

Sustainable aviation fuel for environmentally friendly aircraft can be made from a variety of materials, including non-food crops, agricultural and forestry waste, household recycled waste, and other sources of industrial exhaust gases. The sustainability of fuels is guaranteed through strong, trusted sustainability certifications through third party organizations such as the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials.

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