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Wife has a strange dream husband married again, grandmother sells evicted bread

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Bali Tourism – A Malaysian woman admitted to having strange dreams. Before long, her husband’s marriage was exposed.

On the other side, there was a baker who was shouted by a woman in a high and loud tone. The snapping video went viral on social media.

News about grandmother’s strange dreams and viral videos were snapped into the list of the most popular Lifestyle channel news on Bali Tourism, the following Friday, January 29, 2021 edition.

1. Confide in the first wife getting strange dreams, it turns out that it is a sign that the husband is getting married again

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Datin Red, First Wife of Adnan Abu (instagram.com/datin_red)

A woman reveals the strange story behind her husband’s second marriage. This woman’s husband remarried a Malaysian singer named Adira Suhaimi.

Launch mStar, The story was shared by the first wife named Datin Seri Sharifah Norshafila Hassim or more familiarly called Datin Red. Datin Red’s husband remarried in 2015.

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2. Make a sad, viral, rented grandmother who is a mobile baker yelled at and expelled

Old granny illustration.  (Shutterstock)
Old granny illustration. (Shutterstock)

Many parents still work even though they are old. One of the efforts they do to find rupiah is selling.

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Unfortunately, not everyone welcomes old workers. One of them can be seen in a short video on the TikTok account @fly away.

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3.The model is very similar to a pocong, this robe makes netizens shudder with fear

Gamis illustration.  (Instagram / @ hijab_mpdstyle)
Gamis illustration. (Instagram / @ hijab_mpdstyle)

Various ways are done by the seller in order to remain competitive in the market One way that is often done is through product innovation.

But not infrequently, these innovations actually produce products with unsightly shapes. Like the results of the robe innovation shared by gossip accounts @nyonya_gosip on Instagram on Thursday (28/1/2021).

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4. OOTD Aurel Hermansyah is worth the house, his black shirt is the most shocking

Aurel Hermansyah.  (Instagram)
Aurel Hermansyah. (Instagram)

Aurel Hermansyah shared OOTD (Outfit of the Day) in line with Atta Halilintar on Instagram, Thursday (28/1/2021). She appeared relaxed in a black T-shirt combined with a thigh-length denim skirt.

Aurel completes his appearance by wearing a cute red bag and sneakers black. At first glance, the appearance of Anang Hermansyah’s eldest daughter looks normal.

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5. Find Out Your Guardian Angel’s Secret Message Through This Personality Test

Personality test (Doc. Namastest)
Personality test (Doc. Namastest)

We all believe that everyone has their own guardian angel. They will guard us, even unconsciously, will send us warnings about impending dangers, small predictions, or suggestions.

Now, at this moment there may be something that your guardian angel wants to say. Something that you may not often notice. To find out, try taking this one personality test.

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