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Turgo Residents Fleeing After Merapi Eruption, Muriyem: It’s Safer Here

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The condition of several residents of Turgo Hamlet who were in the refugee barracks of Purwobinangun, Friday (29/1/2021). [Hiskia Andika Weadcaksana / Bali Tourism]

Hundreds of residents of Turgo Hamlet were evacuated to Barak Purwobinangun after the intensity of the eruption of Merapi increased

Bali Tourism – Hundreds of residents of Turgo Hamlet, Purwobinangun Urban Village, Kapanewon Pakem, Sleman have fled to Barak Purwobinangun since Wednesday (27/1/2021) last afternoon. This decision was made based on the activity of Mount Merapi, which had spewed hot clouds of avalanche up to 3.5 kilometers from the summit.

One of the refugees, Muriyem (59), a resident of Turgo Hamlet RT3, RW2, admitted that his decision and other residents to evacuate had become a collective agreement. According to him, the residents’ desire to evacuate had already emerged when Mount Merapi started to flare up some time ago which was then supported by related parties.

“Yesterday he was picked up. The decision to go down was cooperation. The residents want security, supported by the village government as well,” said Muriyem when met by media crews at the Purwobinangun refugee barracks, Friday (29/1/2021).

Muriyem said he went down to the Purwobinangun refugee camp with his son. The husband did not evacuate with him because he was still taking care of the existing livestock.

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According to him, all parties have prepared everything that the refugees need properly. This was revealed by Muriyem, that all his needs since he fled have been fulfilled.

“Wonten mriki is safe (here is safe), needs are met, and basically everything has been prepared, meets the requirements,” said the woman whose house is only 1 km from Kali Boyong.

When asked about several residents who had temporarily discharged to SD Sanjaya Tritis, said Muriyem, he was still at home and had not been displaced. Because at that time his condition was not healthy so he preferred to rest at home.

“At that time I did not come down because yesterday my condition was not healthy. Instead of making it difficult for the others, it’s better to rest at home so that the body is healthy first,” he explained.

Muriyem said he did not object to the obligation to carry out health protocols during his evacuation. According to him, this is indeed necessary considering that currently the Covid-19 pandemic is not over.

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“Yes, to wear masks, keep your surroundings as well because now there is Covid-19. If other hygiene matters are what we all need. So we must comply with health regulations or protocols. This is also for us all,” he said.

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