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Foreign Tourists Down 73.8%, Here’s the Strategy of Tourism Awakening

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Bali Tourism – In 2021, the Covid-19 Pandemic has not stopped. This condition has a huge impact on all sectors, especially tourism.

Through talkshow entitled “Strategy for Tourism Awakening in the Middle of a Pandemic “, a number of experts were presented to open their votes on Friday (29/1/2021). The strategy to revive tourism in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic is considered very important.

Tourism is a sector that has experienced a significant impact due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Tourist visits from January to November 2020 have decreased drastically by 73.8 percent.

“Since last year we have had programs that we have made. For example CHSE or K4 (cleanliness, health, safety and environmental sustainability), where we have certified nearly 15 thousand businesses,” said Henky Hotma Parlindungan Manurung as Expert Staff of Menparekraf in Crisis Management.

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Strategy for Tourism Awakening in the Middle of a Pandemic (YouTube BNPB Indonesia)

Apart from the K4 program and business certification, other government efforts are tourism grants. This tourism grant is given for economic recovery efforts.

The tourism grant has been distributed to 101 districts and cities. The amount of this tourism grant reaches around IDR 3.3 trillion.

Of course the Covid-19 pandemic has a very strong impact on the income of tourism business actors. A number of provinces, such as DI Yogyakarta, Balim Banten, and DKI Jakarta, are said to have experienced the largest decrease in income.

This is what prompted the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy to set a strategy for tourism to recover quickly. Many hope that with the improvement in the tourism sector, the people’s economy will also improve.

Besides that, according to Dr. Ir. H. Sutrisno Iwantono, MA as Chairman of the BPD of the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI), it is not the government’s role alone that is important in the revival of the tourism sector.

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Iwantono believes there must be collaboration between various parties to create a safe and comfortable tourism environment. Tourism business actors must also be able to convince the community that the place is safe.

“The government must collaborate with all parties. When we talk about tourism, it’s not just hotels and restaurants. There are travel agencies, airlines and other things that can collaborate with the government,” said Iwantono.

Meanwhile, Henky Hotma Parlindungan Manurung predicts that the new tourism sector will fully recover in 2022.

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