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Buy Airline Tickets, Get Insurance or Have to Buy Again?

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The downing of the Sriwijaya Air SJ 182 plane was not the first plane crash in Indonesia. Therefore, passengers must know very well the rights they get when buying tickets.

After the investigation of the cause of the accident is completed, insurance is the next step faced by the victim’s family. Not even 40 days, the insurance money from the airline has been disbursed to make it easier for the victim’s family.

However, not a few victims’ families are hesitant to take it. Among them, there are 3 Sriwijaya Air SJ 182 families who have sued the Boeing factory to claim more appropriate insurance funds.

Actually, what is the magic of this insurance? How do passengers know that they are included in insurance.

“So every aircraft that will operate from the buying and selling process or leasing must be insured first. After being insured, the new aircraft can be operated,” said Ernie Auliasari, a lawyer from Wisner Law Firm to Bali Tourism.

Well, every passenger who buys a plane ticket will automatically receive insurance from the aircraft manufacturer. In this case only two types of aircraft are used, namely Boeing and Airbus. Sriwijaya Air happens to be using Boeing.

“In the past, airplane tickets were not like just one sheet. In the past, there were several sheets of plane tickets. On the last page there will be insurance and funds received by passengers in the event of an accident. Previously the value was USD 100 if I’m not mistaken,” said Ernie.

If a traveler frequently travels by plane and buys tickets via applications, for sure sure with the included insurance offer before paying for the ticket. Does that insurance also have to be purchased?

“It’s a local insurance, but actually we don’t know where the office is. Want to claim is also confused. Moreover, we bought tickets and didn’t have time to read the AZ for sure,” he added.

There isn’t even local insurance, it won’t be a problem according to Ernie. Because all airplane passengers are covered by the aircraft manufacturer’s insurance.

“This is why we don’t need to be afraid to ask for our rights. This is normal, overseas this is very common,” said Ernie.

Currently, the airline Sriwijaya Air has issued compensation money for the families of the victims or their heirs, worth Rp 1.25 billion. However, this value is considered unfair by Ernie.

“Now it may not be felt, but after a year it will be seen that the money is very small. Moreover, we have lost our family,” he said.

Perhaps many do not know that the source of the money disbursed by the airline and the money obtained from the insurance lawsuit is one, namely the aircraft manufacturer. The term, the funding from the airline is fast track, while the funds from the lawsuit are slow track.

“The fast lane means straight away. While the slow route is more detailed, because each person will be seen on their profile and the money will also vary depending on the dependents left behind,” said the mother of Pevita Pearce.

The insurance claim filed by the accident victim through Ernie will indeed be first studied by the Cook County Circuit Court, Illinois, which is Boeing’s headquarters.

“If it goes smoothly, the claim funds will be disbursed in 6-10 months. It will take longer, but it could be 3-4 times what the airlines are offering. This is why we continue to give awareness to the families of the victims to sue the Boeing factory,” he said.

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