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Between Diffuser or Aromatherapy Candles, Which is Better?

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Bali Tourism – Creating fragrance in the room can be done in various ways. Some people choose to use hanging air fresheners or sprays that can be purchased practically anywhere. But, for those who can’t stand the smell too strong, diffusers and aromatherapy candles might be an option.

Unlike air fresheners, diffusers and aromatherapy candles have aromatherapy functions that are brought from the essential oils contained in both. Aromatherapy candles add essential oils to the candle making, while a diffuser heats the essential oils in the water to spread the smell.

Aromatherapy is believed to affect the mood of those who smell it. Each aroma from different ingredients has its own effect and function.

In general, people use aromatherapy to feel more relaxed, reduce stress, or have insomnia. Even in some cases, there are people who are suitable to use aromatherapy to reduce pain during menstruation, even kidney stone pain, or osteoarthritis.

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With these health benefits, the only choice remains the tool used to spread this aromatherapy. Between diffusers and aromatherapy candles, what are their advantages and disadvantages? Why do you need to choose a diffuser or
why do you need to choose aromatherapy candles? Check out the description from Dekoruma below to be able to determine which tool to choose.

More Efficient and Environmentally Friendly with Diffuser
With almost the same function between the two, when it comes to how economical, economical, and environmentally friendly it is, the diffuser is a more economical and environmentally friendly tool.

One sized aromatherapy candle will wear off in five to seven days depending on usage. After that you have to buy again.

As for the diffuser, you might shell out a little more money up front, but a diffuser can last for years under maintenance. You only need to buy a bottle of essential oil which will last at least one week depending on usage.

Not to mention, diffusers produce less waste than candles, whose manufacturing process and use create more pollution than diffusers.

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Diffuser with Very Low Risk of Burning
This problem really depends on the accuracy of the aromatherapy candle user. However, the presence of fire makes the risk of fire higher than an electric diffuser.

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