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Benefits of Facial Exercise and How to Do It

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Bali Tourism – Facial exercises can help improve facial appearance, fight aging, and increase muscle strength. If done regularly, this activity is good for tightening facial muscles so that they become slimmer.

Facial exercises are performed by inflating the cheeks and then pushing them from side to side. After that, proceed with pursed lips, holding back a smile, and so on. From the study results, these movements can help tone facial muscles, you know.

Another study showed that doing facial exercises twice a day on a regular basis can increase muscle thickness and stimulate facial rejuvenation. This activity is also useful for removing fat in the face, so that it can help shape the face as you wish if done regularly.

Interested? Come on, follow the steps below to start doing facial exercises, as reported on the Foreo page.

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1. Raise the eyebrows
One of the facial exercises is usually done so that the eyebrows are more raised. This can be practiced in several ways, namely:

  • Bring or stick your index and middle fingers together.
  • Place the nail over the eyebrow and gently push the skin down.
  • Raise the eyebrows up and down, while creating resistance with the weight of the nails.
  • Repeat for 10 times.
  • Complete this exercise for 6 sets. If done regularly, the eyebrows will be raised.

2. Raising the cheekbones
Some people want to lift their cheekbones to make them look more defined. In addition, facial exercises can also help tighten the muscles around the cheeks. Here are some exercises to do.

  • Place a finger over each cheekbone.
  • Gently lift the skin until it feels pulled.
  • Open your mouth to form an elongated “O”. You will feel tension in your cheek muscles.
  • Hold for 5 seconds.
  • Complete 10-15 sets, and do it regularly to get maximum results.

3. Make the cheeks thin
For those of you who have chubby cheeks, facial exercises can help make your cheeks thin, you know. This is a must-do move.

  • Tilt your head back and push your chin forward.
  • Suck or suck on your cheeks (drown your cheeks).
  • Hold for 5 seconds.
  • Complete 10-15 sets, do it regularly.

4. Has a tight jaw line
Some people, especially women, are very insecure if they have a double chin. This is usually due to the fat on the chin. Through facial exercises, you can have a tight jaw by doing the following movements:

  • Tilt your head back until you look at the ceiling (roof).
  • Move the lower lip over the upper lip as far as you can. Try this exercise until you feel the jaw muscles close to the ears.
  • Hold for 10 seconds.
  • Complete 10-15 sets.

5. Remove wrinkles on the face
Facial exercises will help reduce the appearance of lines or wrinkles around the face. The following exercises can be done to remove wrinkles on the face:

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  • Close your mouth and puff out your cheeks.
  • Transfer air from one cheek to the other
  • Repeat for 30 seconds.
  • If done regularly, this really helps to prevent aging yourself and remove wrinkles on the face. (The dawn of Ramadan)

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