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What is Wibu? These are the traits of hardline Japanese fans

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Bali Tourism – What is Wibu? This term has been heard and spoken by many people in recent years. But do you know what the meaning of the wibu is and what are their characteristics?

Understanding Wibu

The term wibu is often encountered in the world of Japanese anime and social media also often mentions wibu and spreads content with things identical to wibu. The word wibu is used to refer to Japanese anime fans and all things Japanese.

Wibu is a term for non-Japanese people who are overly attracted to Japan. The term wibu comes from English, namely weeaboo. Term weeaboo this first appeared in the comic “Perry Bible Fellowship” by Nicholas Gurewitch.

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Someone can be said to be a wibu if they often publish things about Japanese culture, discuss anything about Japan and even speak with a Japanese accent.

However, the word wibu is also commonly used on the internet and has a “negative” connotation. In the context of the internet, someone who is labeled as a wibu is usually identified with someone who is not good because of their behavior.

Wibu characteristics

Wibu itself has a broad meaning to people who like and obsess about Japan. Of course, someone who can be said to be a wibu has their own characteristics.

What are the characteristics of a wibu? Here’s the explanation.

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  1. Obsessed with Japanese culture
    A woman is obsessed with Japanese culture and thinks Japanese culture is better than her own culture.
  2. Loves anime, music, games from Japan
    A wibu loves all kinds of anime, music and games from Japan. Wibu will always boast that he likes it and even bring it to the real world like thinking of anime like a real girlfriend.
  3. Often uses Japanese vocabulary and accents
    His love for Japan will make a woman always use Japanese vocabulary and accents like scenes in anime. But wibu did it wrong.
  4. Get to know various Japanese pop culture
    A woman knows a variety of Japanese pop culture, knows a variety of Japanese pop culture that most people rarely know.
  5. Collecting various kinds of Japanese merchandise
    Wibu often collects Japanese merchandise. This merchandise is usually shaped like action figures, anime costumes, posters, CDs, keychains and many others.

That’s an explanation of what is wibu and the characteristics of people who are Japanese fans or japan hard-line. So, are you a thousand or not?

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