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So a victim of cheating, this woman is even willing to kneel and kiss her husband’s feet

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Bali Tourism – One of the problems that can destroy domestic harmony is infidelity. It is natural for you to feel hurt and disappointed when you find out that your partner is cheating on you.

Quoting Keepo.me, a woman from Malaysia named Rossalennah revealed the storms of her household. Through uploading an Instagram account @ rossa.sera, she revealed her husband’s affair.

This woman admitted that she actually knew that her husband was treasonous, but chose to remain silent. However, unable to hold back his hurt anymore, he finally revealed the forbidden love story on social media.

“Imagine how I feel, I’ve never been this sad, this hurt. I’ve been quiet enough,” he said.

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Rossalennah also mentioned that she caught her husband cheating on her at the residence of another dream woman. At first she tried to contact her husband, but the man had no intention of going out to meet his wife.

Rossalennah then dared to approach her husband and affair. However, he ended up being kicked out by the actor.

“Is it my sin you screwed up like this. I have children that I need to take care of, you can push me here and there, you taunt me,” said this woman.

Do not want her household to drive away, Rossalennah did various methods. In fact, she is willing to kneel in front of her husband so that she can come back to love him and their children.

“I’ve been on my knees seducing with you please return to us, our dear.”

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Not only that, this woman also asked for forgiveness until she kissed her husband’s feet, but it’s still useless. She even felt that her husband didn’t have the slightest sense of guilt.

“I have kissed your feet for mercy so that you will come back with me and the children, the next day you do it again, you do it again. There is no guilt in you,” he concluded.

Rossalennah’s own husband is known to be a presenter and announcer at a radio station in Malaysia, Shuk Sahar. They got married six years ago and have been blessed with two beautiful children.

The news of his affair with a woman allegedly named Fara Salleh immediately became a hot topic because of Rossalennah’s remarks on social media.

As a result, the presenter, who became known since he became a member of the Raja Lawak Comedy Troupe Reply group in 2011, had to accept the consequences of being temporarily suspended as a DJ at the radio station he had been working on since 2017.

Meanwhile, quoted from mStar via Keepo.me, Fara Salleh has exclusively made a report to local authorities requesting safety protection. He did not accept Rossalennah’s actions in spreading information about his private residence and telephone number to the public.

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