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PTKM Volume II Rolling, Satpol PP DIY Will Secure KTP Prokes Offenders

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Head of Satpol PP DIY Noviar Rahmad at the Yogyakarta Kepatihan Complex, Tuesday (8/12/2020) – (Bali Tourism/Putu)

The Head of the Yogyakarta Satpol PP said that the sanctions that during the PTKM volume I did not provide a deterrent effect.

Bali Tourism – The Yogyakarta Civil Service Police Unit (Satpol PP) is ready to secure the National Identity Card (KTP) for violations of the Limited Restriction of Community Activities (PTKM) rules. This step began to be implemented in the extension of the PTKM period from January 26 to February 8, 2021.

“Maybe the language was not confiscated, yes, but it was secured for 1×24 hours. Later, the officers who violated the rules would be secured and asked to come directly to the Satpol PP office to retrieve them again,” said the Head of Satpol PP DIY, Noviar Rahmad, to the media crew, Tuesday (26/1/2021).

Noviar explained, the offenders did not only take their ID cards directly at the Satpol PP office. However, during that time, guidance to those concerned was also carried out.

This step according to Noviar after seeing that the operation to control masks that has been carried out so far has not been effective enough to suppress violations in the community. In addition, social sanctions given to violators also cannot provide a deterrent effect for violators.

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“So far, the sanctions we have given to violations of regulations or prokes, for example sweeping the streets, or singing the national anthem and others, have turned out to be not effective enough. Meanwhile in DIY we do not impose fines, so this is what we are taking to extend this PTKM,” he said.

Regarding its implementation, Noviar said that later the Satpol PP members would go directly to places that could potentially cause crowds. If there is a violation against the prokes, for example not wearing a mask, the officer will immediately ask for the KTP.

Then the next day, the person concerned will be asked to come to the Satpol PP office to collect the identification. While being given guidance, namely by explaining the addition of the overall Covid-19 cases in DIY.

“We will explain about the increase in Covid-19 cases in Yogyakarta and the level of hospital occupancy that is getting full. So that they are increasingly aware that this program is important,” he said.

It is hoped that Noviar, by telling people to come and spend time at the Satpol PP office, can have a deterrent effect. Because it is considered as something troublesome to do.

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“So far, only mask surgery on the road, when the operation is finished, there is no effect whatsoever. So, let’s try to make it a little more troublesome for these offenders to divide their time to come to the Satpol PP office and provide guidance as well,” he said.

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