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Pros and cons! Vaccine Passport Becomes a Traveler’s Flying Requirements

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Vaccine passports are believed to be one of the solutions during the Corona virus pandemic. However, there are pros and cons if a vaccine passport becomes a mandatory requirement for flights.

Reporting from Travel Off Path, The World Travel Organization (WTO) calls for the development of a vaccine passport to revive global tourism during the Corona pandemic. The declaration was presented at a meeting of the Global Tourism Crisis Committee in Madrid last week.

“Safe cross-border travel advocates a standardized certification system,” said Zurab Pololikashvili, secretary general of the WTO.

The meeting also discussed detailed plans for steps to make international travel safe. one of them was the vaccine passport proposal.

The vaccine passport proposal reaps pros and cons. In fact, it is called an act of discrimination.

“The idea is discriminatory. If vaccines are required to travel, many will not be able to fly, even though they are free from COVID-19,” said a representative from the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC).

WTTC proposes a bias test scheme. They assess that the procedure opens wider opportunities for passengers to travel than vaccinations.

WTTC takes into account the imbalance in ability between rich countries that are able to administer vaccinations and poor countries that are not vaccinated.

Before the WTO gave a decision on the vaccine passport, a number of countries, such as the Seychelles, Cyprus and Romania, had used the vaccination as a condition for foreign tourists to enter their countries. They allow travelers who have been vaccinated to travel without quarantine.

Likewise with Australian airline Qantas and British cruise company Saga Cruises. The two companies only allow vaccinated passengers to travel internationally. They believe that with the spread of vaccines, there will be further easing of restrictions for vaccinated travelers.

Currently, airlines apply Travel Pass. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) recently entered into a partnership with Emirates and Etihad Airways to test the Travel Pass.

The travel pass is a digital passport in the form of an application that contains information about a traveler’s test results in the form of proof of inoculation of the vaccine and a link to an electronic copy of their passport.

Later, travelers only need to open the IATA Travel Pass application to ensure they have met the rules for entering the border of their destination.

As for Cathay Pacific, Swiss Airlines and United Airlines have partnered with application companies and created CommonPass. This application is a type of Travel Pass which allows tourists to upload test results and proof of vaccinations.

The technology company IBM is also involved in building its own vaccine testing and logging application called Digital Health Pass. All of this will allow for a digital passport for travelers.

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