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PPKM Volume Two in Karanganyar, Operations of Tourist Attractions are More Looser

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The Regency Government (Pemkab) of Karanganyar, Central Java has extended the Enforcement of Restrictions on Community Activities (PPKM) until January 8, 2021. But in this second volume of PPKM, there are a number of concessions, especially in the tourism sector.

“There is a difference, the looser it is. For example, for a restaurant, we allow operational time until 20.00. Previously, it was only until 19.00,” said Head of the Karanganyar Regency Tourism Office, Titis Sri Jawoto, when contacted. Bali Tourism, Tuesday (26/1/2021).

Titis also said that all tourist objects are open now. Including, there are many camping tourist attractions in Karanganyar.

“Tourist objects operating hours close tickets until 15.00 WIB. If visitors are at a maximum of 17.00 WIB, they have left the tourist attraction,” said Titis.

“Camping attractions are allowed, but if the group is not allowed, such as making musical events and so on, they are not allowed. The number also cannot be more than 50 people per group,” he explained.

In this second PPKM volume, the Karanganyar Regency Government has also allowed the implementation of celebrations in restaurants, buildings and hotels in tourist areas. However, the maximum number of guests is 50 percent of the building capacity.

“The celebration is 50 percent of capacity, but we limit it to a maximum of 300 people. The concept is fixed mbanyu mili, no seats are allowed for guests. Entertainment can also be provided as long as you don’t jog. The note is that this is only for those who have already distributed invitations, “he added.

For tourists from outside the Karanganyar area, continued Titis, it is recommended to equip themselves with a rapid test document. Tourists are also asked to maintain health protocols.

“Our advice is for tourists from outside the region to show rapid tests,” said Titis.

Titis hopes that travelers need not be afraid to travel to Karanganyar. With the implementation of strict health protocols, he believes the transmission of COVID-19 can be prevented.

“We hope that tourists need not be afraid,” he said.

Met separately, Karanganyar Regent Juliyatmono finally pushed back the operational limits of street vendors and modern shops until 21.00 WIB. That is different from his statement yesterday which set the operational limit until 20.00 WIB.

“Yesterday we just thought, it has not been signed. We accommodate input. Because it only opens at 4 pm, it is too short if it closes at 8 pm. We allow it to close until 9 pm. However, specifically for places to eat in tourist areas, the boundaries are fixed. 8 pm, “said Yuli, her nickname.

He advised businesses to strictly adhere to health protocols. If not, the mandatory day off penalty will be given to the merchant.

“We have to be very disciplined about the health protocol. If we check it later, we really ignore it, it should be closed for a day,” said Yuli.

Yuli feels that the day closing sentence for traders who ignore health protocols is quite effective. According to him, traders will be more responsible for disciplining themselves if they want to continue to be able to expand their business.

“I think it is more effective, and yesterday’s markets were also effective. Instead of having to close because of negligence, he must be disciplined,” he said.

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