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Helping the Espresso Machine Until the Lights

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Apart from sex tourism, Israeli tourists who vacation in Dubai often act out at the hotel where they stay. They were caught stealing coffee machines, even lamps.

Israeli tourists on holiday to Dubai reportedly stole several items from the hotel room where they were staying. From Israeli media reports, Yedioth Ahronoth was quoted Bali Tourism, Wednesday (20/1/2021), several items were stolen by this Israeli tourist.

Some of these items look trivial like towels to coffee cups. But there are also those caught stealing decorative lights in their rooms, even espresso coffee machines.

“I’ve been visiting Dubai for years and doing business there too. But last month, I arrived at the hotel where I was staying and was surprised to see in the hotel lobby an Israeli person was being searched for stealing things in the room,” said one person. Israeli businessman.

Complaints about the large number of Israeli tourists taking items from the hotel room where he was staying went out just a month since the first commercial flight from Israel to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) took place.

A hotel manager in Dubai who used to work at the Burj Khalifa also complained about the same thing. He has served guests from various countries, some of which are problematic, but this is the first time someone has stolen goods from the hotel where he works.

“We serve thousands of tourists from all countries of the world, some of them creating problems, but we never saw them steal things. Recently we saw Israeli tourists come to our hotel and fill their bags with things, stealing towels, teapots and coffee, even lamps, “said the hotel manager earlier.

“One day, an Israeli family with two children agreed check out and we found there were items missing in our hotel room. My staff tried to tell them, but they started screaming, “he explained.

“After chatting, they agreed to open the bag and we found them carrying ice cube containers, hangers, and face towels. After we said they would report this to the police, then they returned and apologized,” he added.

Abdul Al-Aziz Al Khazraj Al-Nasari, a presenter from Qatar, even uploaded a video about a number of hotel owners in the UAE who called him and told about the theft by Israeli tourists that happened at their hotel.

In the video that went viral on social media, he warned that normalizing relations with Israel could end in losing belongings in hotel rooms, but in the future did not rule out the possibility of losing land in the future.

“They should know that normalizing relations with Israel means having to give up the belongings in the hotel room now, and maybe the land later,” he said sarcastically.

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