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Uncovering the Mystery of the Relief Sculptor Sarinah, from Yogyakarta or Russia?

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Renovation of the Sarinah building, Jakarta reveals the facts of the missing relief findings. Who made it is still a question mark.

There are several theories as to who made the statue. According to the Cultural Heritage Expert Team (TACB), it is likely that the reliefs in Sarinah were made by a group of artists from Yogyakarta. However, it is not certain who the architect was and the blueprint for the historic reliefs.

“This relief, according to the records of several historians and national fine arts, was made by a group of Yogyakarta artists during the construction period (1962-1966), featuring peddlers and pelapak symbolizing the struggle of the little people to earn a living,” said one of the figures and members of TACB Asikin from a written statement received by Bali Tourism.

“According to the records of the creators of the year the reliefs were made, they were a group of sculptors and painters from Yogyakarta. The architect or designer of this statue is still being traced by TACB as well as the blue print, because it is important for restoration work,” he continued.

Besides that, according to Asikin, this artwork is very epic and gigantic in size. It is believed that this work of art at the time of its creation used modern single-panel casting technology.

Artists from Yogya

The art master of the Indonesian Art Institute (ISI) Solo, Bonyong Munni Ardhi, admitted that he had heard about the relief for a long time. He believes that the sculptor from Yogyakarta, Edhi Soenarso, was the maker of the relief. He was not surprised that these reliefs were found recently.

“After he died about four years ago, I have heard about his work at Sarinah, that’s why I wasn’t surprised yesterday. But it’s not just Mr. Edhi, it’s his group,” said Bonyong when contacted by detik.com, Monday (18/1 ).

Regarding the ‘missing’ Sarinah relief, Bonyong estimates that there is a political element behind it. Because Edhi is a figure close to President Sukarno.

“One of the possibilities is because of changing regimes, changing politics. Pak Edhi is Sukarnoist, so it is likely a political problem,” he said.

According to him, Edhi did a lot of work from Sukarno. Among other things, the Welcome Statue at the HI Roundabout, the Dirgantara Statue or Pancoran Monument, and the Statue of the Liberation of West Irian at the Banteng Field, Jakarta.

Meanwhile, Satya Sunarso, the third son of the late Edhi Soenarso, could not confirm whether the relief was made by his late father or not.

“I can not (confirm). We are afraid of the wrong answer,” said Satya via short message to Bali Tourism, Monday (18/1).

Satya explained that the family was still looking for documents related to the reliefs in Sarinah.

“Because we are the sons and daughters of the late Edhi Soenarso, we haven’t had time to find documents,” he explained.

“But according to the story of the late Bapak’s friends and former staff, (the Sarinah relief) is in line with the making of the HI statue,” he explained.

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