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Without Cream, Here Are 6 Ways To Get Rid Of Panda Eye Problems

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Suara.com – The black area under the eye is often referred to as the panda’s eye. These visual problems are often associated with fatigue and sleep deprivation.

Therefore, apart from getting enough sleep, there are several other ways you can do to get rid of panda eye problems.

Here are six ways you can get rid of panda eyes, as quoted from Cutiserclinics.

1. Set the sleeping position
Apparently, in addition to lack of sleep, position can also be the cause of panda eyes. This happens because the sleeping position can cause fluid to build up around the eyes. Therefore, sleeping position can be considered to prevent the appearance of panda eyes. You can also place an extra pillow under your head so that fluids don’t pool under your skin.

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2. Reduce salt
Consuming salt can make the eye area black. This is because the area under the eyes can hold water. Because consuming too much sodium will make the water stagnate and make your eyes black. Therefore, reducing consumption of gara can prevent and eliminate panda eyes.

3. Manage allergies
Allergies can cause your eyes to become swollen and watery. This usually causes a black color around the eye area. For this reason, it is advisable to consult with a doctor what can be done to deal with these allergies. You can also use essential oils to relieve these allergies.

4. Must make up before bed
Use of makeup (make up) can cause watery and puffy eyes the next day. This is because the ingredients in the makeup hold water so that the eyes turn black.

Therefore, when using makeup it is advisable to remove it before going to sleep, especially on the eyes. Apart from that, the makeup on the face can cause various other problems such as acne.

5. Use eye care products
Using eye care products will help get rid of panda eyes. Usually there is a serum that contains vitamins to nourish the skin so that it can reduce swelling and black color in the eyes.

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In addition, now there are eye masks that can remove black color and make your eyes fresher.

6. Give up bad habits
Bad habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol can have an impact on the skin, one of which is the eyes. Smoking makes skin weak and causes premature aging.

In addition, chemicals can also irritate sensitive eye areas. Meanwhile, alcohol can dry out your skin, making it appear darker. For that, try to stop smoking and drinking alcohol so that panda eyes are reduced. (Author: Fajar Ramadan)

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