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Pity! Confide in the child’s wife dies during childbirth, husbands even cheat

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Suara.com – The story of a woman who had just given birth and was left behind in an affair was busy talking on social media. The woman admitted that her husband had the heart to run away with the affair even though the child she gave birth to died.

Quoted from the @AREAJULID account on Twitter, the confession was shared through capturing the Instagram story screen. There, you can see a photo of her husband with an affair.

“There is a limit to patience. Btw this is the permission concerned,” wrote the caption @ AREAJULID.

Through her confession, the wife wrote that she gave birth on December 10th. Unfortunately, the child he gave birth to died.

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Still in mourning, this woman received news that her husband had remarried only 10 days later. Not only that, the new wife was pregnant first.

“It’s like stitches and delivery are still hard, maybe my child’s grave is still red, they happily married them. When I was born and lost my child,” he wrote.

Confide in a child’s wife dies during childbirth, husbands even cheat (twitter.com/AREAJULID)

She then added that her husband’s affair was now about 4 to 5 months pregnant. The mistress in the past was also reprimanded.

“I’ve always admonished him, innocently he said he wouldn’t bother my husband anymore, but in fact it’s even worse that he just wanted to be invited to sleep with someone’s husband to get pregnant like that.”

Not getting there, this woman claimed that the nasty video of her husband and her affair had gone viral. However, at that time he was still trying to forgive.

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“I’ve been patient enough, I’ve been defending enough, don’t bother me anymore!” he wrote now.

“Soon a reply from Allah will come, especially since the girl is pregnant with a girl, it’s amazing, the karma goes straight to her child,” added the woman.

Confide in the child's wife dies during childbirth, husbands even cheat (twitter.com/AREAJULID)
Confide in a child’s wife dies during childbirth, husbands even cheat (twitter.com/AREAJULID)

The curhatan of the woman who was cheating on her when she just gave birth is now viral and is liked by 2.1 thousand likes.

Despite the sympathy of netizens, there are also those who argue that this woman should not pray for karma to an innocent child.

“The guest will not enter, if the host doesn’t open the door. Don’t just blaming the girl, the boy is the same. And don’t pray for the child who doesn’t, he’s not wrong.”

“Believe or not believe, once lied, forever remain a liar. Remember, don’t ever forgive a guy who’s cheating,” added another.

“Don’t ever say karma directly to the child. What is wrong with the mother and father, the child should not be the victim. For her, just leave her husband like that. Hopefully you can find a better husband and have a baby soon.”

“Actually I am not afraid of getting married, but afraid of choosing the wrong partner,” added another comment reading the story.

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