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It could be a scab, do this to get rid of the scars

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Suara.com – The scars on the skin will become scabs when they are dry. Its dark color with a rough texture makes it look very contrasting against the skin, and of course disturbs the appearance. Although the scab will actually come off on its own when the wound healing process is complete, the following methods can be done to quickly remove the scars and disguise the scabs so they don’t interfere with their appearance. Quoted from Alodokter, here’s how:

1. Keep the skin clean
To clean skin that is searing, wash it gently with warm water and soap with a soft material. After that, dry the scab with a clean towel or sterile gauze.

When cleaning wounds, avoid using antiseptic solutions that contain alcohol or hydrogen peroxide as these can cause irritation and pain in the wound.

2. Apply petrolleum jelly to the scab
To support wound healing and help fade scabs or scars, you can apply petroleum jelly after the wound has been cleaned and dried. Petroleum jelly can also relieve the itching that occurs when the wound starts to dry out.

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3. Protect the wound with a bandage
After the scab is clean and dry and covered with petroleum jelly, cover the scab with a bandage. The goal is to protect the scab from dust and germs that can cause the wound to worsen and hinder the healing process. Change the bandage regularly 2 times a day, especially when the bandage is dirty.

4. Avoid scratching or peeling off the scabs
When the sores start to form, they will usually feel itchy. However, it is advisable not to scratch or peel off the scabs, either using your hands or any tools. This is because scabs or scars from scratches can make it difficult for the wound to heal or even become infected.

5. Avoid sun exposure
When the scab has peeled off, apply sunscreen to cover the scars that appear. Choose a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. In addition to disguising scars, using sunscreen can also prevent skin patches.

You can also accelerate the healing of scabs or scars by applying natural ingredients, such as aloe vera, coconut oil, honey, and apple and lemon cider vinegar. However, before using natural ingredients, you should first consult a dermatologist.

It is also highly recommended to try to heal the scabs by following a healthy lifestyle, such as not smoking, limiting alcoholic drinks, and eating a balanced nutritious diet.

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