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Get to know the owner of Sriwijaya Air, used to be in the garment business and then managed the airlines

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Sriwijaya Air, which is the third largest airline in Indonesia, is owned by a businessman named Chandra Lie. Before managing an airline, he turned out to be a successful garment entrepreneur.

Collected Bali Tourism From various sources, Chandra Lie was born in Pangkal Pinang on April 4, 1965. Since childhood, Chandra was known as a figure who was tenacious in his work. He was also passionate about studying until he moved to Jakarta.

Having dreamed of becoming a sports teacher and lawyer, Chandra finally got into the garment business. At first, he struggled with a small capital, namely 7 machines to produce clothes. He continues to grow his business to have 150 machines.

Not satisfied with pursuing the garment business, Chandra then began to venture into the airline business. At first this desire arose because Chandra often had difficulty returning to his hometown from Jakarta to Pangkal Pinang. He had to ride the boat for 11 hours and was often blocked by big waves.

Therefore, he thought, it would be easier to fly by plane. He finally handed over the garment business to his friend and started managing the airline business.

Chandra Lie together with his siblings Hendry Lie, Johanes B, and Andy Halim finally applied for a license to form an airline in 2000. At that time, applying for an airline business license was not something difficult.

This is due to aviation deregulation which allows anyone to establish an airline with only two or one aircraft. This is regulated in Law Number 15 of 1992 concerning Aviation, and Government Regulation Number 40 of 1995 concerning Air Transportation.

Three years later, on November 10, 2003, they were finally allowed to operate an airline that was named Sriwijaya Air.

At that time, Chandra Lie only had one Boeing 737-200 aircraft. The aircraft served the Jakarta-Pangkal Pinang and Pangkal Pinang-Jakarta routes.

Sriwijaya Air was bold enough to compete with predecessor airlines such as Garuda Indonesia and Lion Air, which at that time had already been trusted by the public. This airline sells Jakarta-Pangkal Pinang tickets for IDR 175,000.

Slowly but surely, Sriwijaya Air has also added routes, namely Jakarta Palembang, Jakarta-Jambi and Jakarta-Pontianak. Sriwijaya Air then increased their fleet, namely four Boeing 737-200 aircraft.

Chandra Lie’s business is growing because it is considered capable of filling the shortcomings of its rival airlines. For example, they open new routes and open flight schedules earlier than other airlines.

Starting from only 1 plane and 1 round trip route, Sriwijaya Air currently has 48 Boeing aircraft and serves 53 flight routes. In addition, Chandra Lie also opened a new subsidiary called NAM Air, which serves feeder flights.

In November 2018, Sriwijaya Air and NAM Air began to enter the management of the Garuda Indonesia Group through its subsidiary PT Citilink Indonesia. However, this cooperation did not last long. Starting at the end of October 2019, the two airline groups have chosen their respective paths.

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