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Get closer to your mother-in-law, here are 5 conversation topics that make you familiar!

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Suara.com – There are many things that someone will think about when they get married. One of them is the relationship with the mother-in-law. Because, getting married means that you agree to unite the two families.

There are actions you need to take with your mother-in-law to maintain a good relationship. The easiest, of course, by asking him to chat. But make sure you don’t choose the wrong chat topic.

If you are confused about determining the right and fun discussion, please read the tips below, as quoted from the Times of India.

1. The spouse’s childhood

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You don’t want to be the only person left out of the conversation when the family is together.

There are many things from your partner’s childhood and years of development that can be found out. Of course the mother-in-law knows everything about it.

Sit with her and pull out an old photo album. Laugh together and help him relive those happy memories.

Insert questions about your partner’s childhood so that the conversation is getting closer.

2. Reassure the mother-in-law subtly that you are not threatening her position

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Mother-in-law can be very sensitive, especially as you get older. Even when her precious child is all grown up and ready for marriage, it can be tricky.

At such times, a mother may feel insecure about adding new members to her family and feel slowly being left out.

Remind him that you are only here to add to his happiness and be another child to him.

3. Tell me when you will be ready to have children

Nobody likes it when relatives, especially mother-in-law, start bothering with questions about having children.

This may seem like a difficult topic to approach, but it is worth talking about. So that you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Calmly say that you will be ready to talk and think about the baby only when you and your partner are comfortable and ready.

4. Regarding the family’s favorite food

Food has always been the number one way to reach someone’s heart and that is true for mother-in-law too.

Pay attention to what they like to cook and eat. Ask them questions about their liking for food.

It can also serve as a mood booster between you and your mother-in-law.

5. Always remember, she will always be your mother

Nothing brightens a mother-in-law’s day more than telling her that you have another mother.

Being a mother is a very big responsibility and this will make her feel satisfied as well as a part of your married life.

Remember that she will always be the mother of your partner. So it is only justified that you also accept her as a mother.

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