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DPRD Representative is Absent from Covid-19 Vaccination in DIY, Paku Alam X is the First Recipient

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The vaccinator injects the COVID-19 vaccine into the Deputy Governor of DIY Paku Alam X in the Kepatihan Ward, Yogyakarta, Thursday (14/1/2021). – (SuaraJogja.id/Putu)

DIY DPRD Deputy Chairman Suharwanta, who was originally on the list of vaccine recipients to represent the DIY DPRD, was not present.

SuaraJogja.id – The DIY regional government finally implemented the first phase of the COVID-19 vaccination. Vaccinations were carried out on a number of officials, religious leaders, and other professions at the Kepatihan Ward in Yogyakarta, Thursday (14/1/2021).

A total of four tables are prepared in the vaccination process, starting from registration, health screening, vaccine injection, to observation and evaluation. A number of medical teams and vaccinators are tasked with vaccinating officials.

Deputy Governor of DIY KGPAA Sri Paduka Paku Alam X became the first person in Yogyakarta to receive the COVDI-19 vaccine. Edy Sukoco from Dr. Sardjito Hospital became the medical team that vaccinated Sri Paduka Paku Alam X.

The wife of the Deputy Governor of Yogyakarta, GKBRAy Adipati Paku Alam, and Yogyakarta Regional Secretary Baskara Aji became the second and third people to receive the vaccine, followed by Yogyakarta Police Chief Inspector General Pol Asep Suhendar, DIY Kabinda Rudi Iskandar, and Kasi Press Korem 072 / Pamungkas Yohanes Yudy Catur Prihartanto.

Next who were also injected with the vaccine were the Director of RSUP Dr. Sardjito Rukmono Siswihanto, Head of the DIY Pembajun Setyaningastutie Health Service, Head of IDI DIY Community Service Tri Widjaya, PPNI DIY Secretary Sri Arini Winarti, Deputy Chairman of the DIY NU Regional Management Fahmi Akbar Idris, Chairman PWM DIY Gita Danu Pranata, Parisada Hindu Dharma Indonesia DIY I Nyoman Warta, Permasbudhi DIY Ian Pasani, and KWI DIY Yudono Suwondo.

Meanwhile, Deputy Chairman of the DIY DPRD Suharwanta, who was originally on the list of vaccine recipients to represent the DIY DPRD, was not present. There is no information about the absence of the representatives of the people from the vaccination program to break the chain of transmission of COVID-19.

In fact, the Governor of Yogyakarta, Sri Sultan HB X, who witnessed the vaccination process, hopes that all parties in DIY, within the age limit of 18 to 59 years, consciously help each other and maintain immunity in the community (herd immunity) to prevent the spread of COVID-19. . One of them is through vaccination this time.

“As for the elderly, it will be given after the arrival of a safe vaccine specifically intended for the elderly,” said Sultan.

Sultan said the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) had issued a permit for emergency use of vaccines to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic produced by Sinovac. This vaccine is considered to meet the requirements of safety, quality, and efficacy of 65.3 percent, above the WHO standard of 50 percent.

Even the MUI has given halal certification to this vaccine on January 8, 2021 yesterday, so the Sinovac vaccine is halal for use by the people of Indonesia.

“Because I believe that all levels of society in Yogyakarta will be fully aware in turn ready to be vaccinated. In this case, the public must be the subject to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus,” he explained.

Sultan added, DIY received a total of 2,605,179 doses of vaccine for the COVID-19 pandemic. This vaccine is distributed in four stages, for health workers, public services, vulnerable communities, and essential economic actors, including the general public.

For the first phase, only 26,806 doses of vaccine were sent to DIY. Based on the data, there are at least 36,247 health workers in DIY who have registered. Whereas in the second stage the vaccines will be distributed to 555,290 public officials, the third stage for 995,353 vulnerable people, and the fourth stage for 1,065,179 for essential economic actors and other communities.

“If the procurement of vaccines goes well, DIY is ready to finish it by the end of 2021, and maybe a little different from other regions, with the belief in the local wisdom of the DIY community, there will be no sanctions,” he explained.

Yogyakarta Regional Secretary Baskara Aji revealed that he did not feel any effect when vaccinated. No pain was experienced until the 30 minute evaluation period.

“That wasn’t there earlier either [penerima vaksin] who complained. So my hope is that the first vaccination will not be a problem, then later the people who implement the vaccine can be confident, “he added.

Contributors: Putu Ayu Palupi

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