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Compositions and Stories about Holidays during the COVID-19 Pandemic

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The COVID-19 pandemic requires people to do activities indoors, even during holidays. The students also got a lot of essays and stories about holidays during the pandemic.

Activities at home have many benefits, namely preventing the spread of the Corona virus. That way, the Corona virus pandemic can end soon.

Examples of Compositions and Stories about Holidays during the Pandemic:

  • 1. Sample Stories During School Holidays due to Corona

Quoted from the book ‘The Pandemic Period Literacy Park’ from Wahyu Aditya’s writing class 9B with the title ‘Corona Pandemic Time Activities’

Today school was closed because of Corona, the first holiday I was very happy, I was at home playing games, watching TV, having fun at home. Once at home I went out to play with my friends, my friends and I played football. playing volleyball, playing badminton and others.

I am very happy when playing with my friends after playing I go home, after arriving home I was told by my mother to buy chilies and coconuts, I went on a motorbike to buy what my mother told me to do earlier, after buying everything I went home and gave it to me. the groceries went to my mother, after that I took a shower after taking a shower I watched TV with my 4 year old sister, after I watched TV I went to the room and played games, the game was so exciting that I wanted to forget that it was already past 15:50. I also rushed to take ablution water and Asr prayer, after the Asr prayer my mother told me to play with my sister, it was getting dark for me, my sister and my mother went into the house.

The call to prayer began to echo, I went to get the sarong in the room and went to the mosque until there I told my friends on the left side of the ablution place, the Imam of the mosque started to enter the mosque. My friends and I went to take ablution and wear a sarong after wearing my sarong and my friends entered the mosque and prayed in congregation, after praying I went home, when I got home I put the sarong into the room after that I went to watch TV, already almost at 00.00 I also went to the room and slept.

The next day, I wake up after that I straighten the mattress and sweep all the floors after sweeping I take my dirty clothes and wash them. After washing my clothes, while waiting for dry clothes I took my cellphone and played games 2 hours after I was tired of playing games I went out to meet my friends, and I took them for a walk and finally they wanted me and my friends to go traveling, after a walk my friends and I played games together just playing together.

We were so excited that we screamed. After that we decided to go back to our respective houses until I got home I went to get a plate to eat, suddenly I choked and I ran drinking and drinking it and finally relieved I didn’t choke anymore.

After eating I take a nap and already take a nap I go out to play with my friends and my friends play the service until 2:36 PM after playing kites me and friends take volleyball and but I decide to go home first and pray my prayers went to see my friends playing volleyball. Until the afternoon, everyone went home to home I went to take a shower after a cellphone for a while and went to the mosque to pray Maghrib in congregation then met my friend and waited for the Imam, after a few minutes we were able to come and we all started praying in congregation, already praying in congregation I went home and eat. After that I watched TV and played cellphones until late at night, and I went to the room to listen to music, and gradually I started to feel sleepy, so I turned off the lights and went to sleep.

Dede Retno Palupi’s work in class 8C entitled ‘My Activities during the Pandemic Period’

The ringing of the alarm woke me up, I went to the salon then prayed at dawn then took a shower and got dressed. Then I had breakfast then left for school. I am very excited for school, even though the news about the Corona virus has spread throughout the country and even the world.

I hoped that my area would not be affected by the Corona virus, but it turned out that when I attended the announcement ceremony that the school was closed for 2 weeks and students had to study from home to prevent the spread of the Corona virus, but it turned out that studying at home was extended an undetermined time.

While at home, I studied online and helped with my parents’ work, such as sweeping, washing dishes, washing clothes, cleaning the house and so on. At home I recited the Koran and memorized my recitation, following the one week one juz activity aimed at students being diligent in the Koran.

I have a younger brother, while at home I also help my parents look after my sister. My brother is 1.5 years old, boy. My sister is very cute, even though sometimes annoying, sometimes acting funny to the point of making anyone who saw her laugh. When I was sweeping the yard, my sister was also sweeping the yard, my sister was also sweeping with her little broom even though she couldn’t.

The month of Ramadan has arrived, but the Corona virus has not gone away, as a result, class promotion tests are carried out online. I also followed the online test for 1 week. After the online test, the distribution of report cards Alhamdulillah I was in grade 8. After the distribution of report cards, online learning was closed for several weeks.

So detikers, how about your composition and stories about holidays during the pandemic?

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