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4 Beauty Goals Predicted to Become a Resolution in 2021

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Suara.com – Wearing a mask has become a new habit since the Covid-19 Pandemic. Even so, this condition is not a barrier to keep on applying makeup, especially beauty activists or beauty enthusiasts on social media.

Beauty-tech company Social Bella together with Make Up Director Sociolla Archangela Chelsea recorded a number of resolutions to look beautiful for beauty enthusiasts for 2021.

“After experiencing challenges in 2020 with the pandemic, we see the optimism of the community to realize their dreams this year, including beauty goals. To help the community, especially beauty enthusiasts, in realizing beauty goals, we launched a Beautiful Shopping Time campaign, “said Co-Founder & CMO Social Bella Chrisanti Indiana in a written statement received by Suara.com, Thursday (14/1/2021).

Based on the summary of Social Bella, here are four beauty goals that are the target of beauty enthusiasts for 2021:

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1. Healthy Skin Hydrated and Acne Free

Illustration of healthy skin. (Shutterstock)

According to Make Up Director Sociolla Archangela Chelsea, the Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on changing beauty goals this year. One of them is the desire to have healthy, hydrated and acne-free skin.

“Using masks when doing activities outside the home directly causes several skin problems, such as acne, dry and rough skin. This year, with conditions that are still unpredictable, beauty enthusiasts will focus more and pay more attention to skin hygiene and make it better hydrated, “said Chelsea.

Ensuring that the skin remains hydrated as well to reduce the risk of developing acne problems, both on the face and body areas. Chelsea suggests that to achieve that goal, the most important thing that should not be missed is to be observant in choosing products that contain hydrating and moisturizing ingredients.

2. Glowing face in Korean Eonnie style

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This year, beauty enthusiasts are predicted to invest in personal care products including certain skin care and body care that promote glowing skin results in the style of Korean women. The self-care process will focus on using cleansers, serums, face masks, and sunscreens to produce brighter and brighter skin.

Chelsea also emphasizes the importance of self-care from within by ensuring that you consume more mineral water, regular intake of vegetables and fruit. As well as adequate sleep time and regular exercise to support beauty goals can be realized.

3. Dare to Try New Colors for Makeup

Illustration of women's makeup trends. [Shutterstock]
Illustration of women’s makeup trends. [Shutterstock]

The use of masks when on the move outside the home directly limits the use of certain types of makeup, because most areas of the face are covered. Facial skin is no longer suitable for using full makeup as usual. This encourages beauty enthusiasts to explore more in the eye area.

“The use of new colors for the eye area this year is becoming more diverse, due to the desire of beauty enthusiasts to explore more this year and the desire to appear presentable even with the use of masks,” said Chelsea.

The trend of smokey eye makeup and the use of pastel colors such as pink, lilac, yellow, light blue are predicted to become popular colors for eye makeup this year.

4. More Selective in Choosing Beauty Products

Changes in the behavior of beauty enthusiasts during the pandemic, where most of them purchase beauty and personal care products online, encourages to know more about beauty products.

In addition, exposure to beauty content on social media also influences the way they view beauty products.

“When purchasing products online, beauty enthusiasts are encouraged to know everything about the product. Starting from reviews, ingredients, quality and other things that may not be a priority when shopping for products offline,” said Chelsea.

This change in habit made them more observant and paid more attention to product labels such as organic, vegan, and brands that apply the cruelty free label to their products.

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